10 top outdoor activities with children in Munich and Bavaria

outdoor activties with children

Wonderful sunshine! We have been waiting for this for a long time! Everyone wants to soak up the sun, enjoy the fresh air and move outside. Especially the children have a special urge to move in spring and are happy to play outside with them. That’s why I created the ultimate list of 10 outdoor activities with children for you.

  1. Kronprinzengarten (Nymphenburger Park)

Kronprinzengarten is a rectangular area and was prepared as a “playground” for little Ludwig I, the future king. But it is not a playground in the modern sense: here there is only a meadow, a small stream, a large, very old tree that extends its branches across the meadow and a former playhouse, called “witches house”. Nevertheless, children can play here wonderfully, splash in the water, float ships, throw stones into the water, climb on the tree or make a picnic. In the Kronprinzengarten there is a special energy, beautiful light and a very pleasant atmosphere! #lustwandeln

  1. Botanical Garden (Nymphenburg)

And if you find the Kronprinzengarten too narrow, it’s only a stone’s throw to the Botanical Garden. There is always something going on! In winter there is an exhibition “Tropical butterflies “. In spring and summer, when so many beautiful plants and flowers are blooming in the Botanical Garden, it is really fun for the kids to enjoy nature and go for a walk.

  1. Game actions in the Munich Parks

This initiative of the Department of Education and Sport of the City of Munich takes place from May to October. These are the free game afternoons, which the sports office offers every Sunday between 14:30 and 18:00 in various parks in Munich. The offer is aimed at children, adolescents and adults – every family that focuses on outdoor exercise will get their money’s worth here! Movement games with and without equipment you can try in the East, West, Luitpoldpark and Riemer Park, as well as on the Isar (at the height of the Wittelsbach Bridge).

  1. Beer gardens

Since I have children, I prefer the beer gardens with a kid-friendly offer. Meanwhile, many beer gardens have a playground, special menus or even child care. We like to visit the following beer gardens: Menterschwaige ,Hirschgarten, Aumeister, Hofbräukeller at Max-Weber-Platz, Muffathalle or KuglerAlm in Oberhaching. In these beer gardens there are several playgrounds and at the weekend a special children’s offer, z. B. crafts and painting.

  1. Berry cafés (Lochhausen, Johanneskirchen and Feldmoching)

The berry cafés are no longer a secret. Many families spend their free time playing, swings, bobby car racing, and caressing animals and of course berry picking and snacking! In addition, there are 3 berry cafes in Munich, a straw labyrinth, trampoline, sandpit, water playground and animal enclosure.

  1. Wildlife Park Poing

Although WildparkPoing is open year-round, visiting this forest park in spring and summer is the most fun! Here you can observe many species of animals in their natural environment – some can be caressed and even fed. Super nice is the picnic area, well equipped with tables and benches. Incidentally, there is an adventure and water playground and even a birds of prey flight demonstration. A guarantee for a successful day outdoors!

  1. BergTierPark (near Aying)

Another way to enjoy a beautiful day out in nature is to visit the BergTierPark. Again, you can look at the animals, pet and feed. Here you can fortify yourself in a small café or chill out on the barbecue and barbecue. For children there are many wonderful offers: playgrounds for all ages, a covered sandpit, trampolines, bungee jumping (only on weekends), a park rally and in summer a troll show and performances in the falconry. In addition, you will be spoiled with the view of the Alps!

  1. SchliersbergAlm (at the Schliersee)

For those who prefer a light family hike, I recommend the trip to SchliersbergAlm. The way to the pasture is easy to handle, even for children. But you can also easily progress with the buggy. Beautiful views of the Schliersee and a great location await us! And a wide range for the kids: playgrounds, a great restaurant, trampolines, an Alpine rolling, a ball pool and a swimming pool. There is also a summer toboggan run with cable car. If the weather cooperates, it is a great day in the mountains!

  1. Neuschwanstein (Allgäu)

Yes I know. Many do not dare to visit Neuschwanstein Castle with their children, the most well-known tourist destination in Germany. And I tell you: with a bit of preparation and a good planning, it’s wonderful! For the children it is very exciting to visit the impressive castle and to learn something about the exceptional king. And with the insider tips that I have already published for you on the blog, you will spend a relaxed and happy day. And your children will tell you about this excursion for a long time!

  1. Fire Museum (Waldkraiburg)

The excursion tip is recommended for those who are interested in different vehicles and of course have a special line to the fire department. In the largest fire brigade museum in Bavaria you can experience the fire brigade history very close: different cars, helmets and equipment are available to the visitors. In some vehicles children can even get in.


This article is written by M Taha Khan. He is a professional blogger and content writer who writes for different blogs as a guest author. He is a passionate traveller, football lover and a digital marketing executive at Flights to Frankfurt.



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