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4 Important Things To Take Into Consideration Before Investing In The Share Market


In the stock market, it is vital to plan your finances in such a way that your profits are more than the losses in the long run. In India, out of approximately 22124.14 INR billion household savings, only about 2% goes as an investment. This low percentage is presumably because people don’t have enough knowledge about the share market. But, if you want to be a successful investor, you can learn and equip yourself to identify the incentives and the different risks associated with an investment. Possessing clarity about your goals will help you remain focused for better and faster results. To achieve this, you must have an investment strategy. Let’s take a look at the top four important factors to take into consideration before investing in the share market. 1. Identify Your Investment Opportunities As a new investor, you can either invest in shares individually or invest in mutual funds and take the help of a fund supervisor to do the job for you. Know the various options that the stock market has to offer, and determine which the most beneficial opportunity is for you. For example, an investment of ₹ 1 lakh in 2008 would have given you 250 shares

How to Pull Off an Outdoor Party


A beach wedding with the setting sun as the backdrop.  Prom night in the garden as million stars produces an ethereal glow on the evening sky.  Birthday bash under the lush greenery and an awe-inspiring mountain view. Or, a simple barbecue dinner smoking at the backyard with family members.  These are just several of the perfect sceneries for outdoor parties that are the stuff of people’s dreams. You just love the festive mood, the soothing breeze and the vast space an outdoor theme provides.  And the ideas you have to make these parties entertaining are utterly limitless. It’s the time of the year to go out and bring your tables to the ground. The weather is heating up which creates a warm atmosphere, setting the mood for an outdoor party.  Get off the office monotony and take advantage of the sunshine and the cloudless sky.  After being confined within the walls of your home, go outside and experience the fun feel of an outside setting.  It’s not too long till the leaves start to fall and the chilling air begins to push us inside again. If you’re planning for a corporate or a personal party, take it in the open space