3 Easy Ideas for Fun Learning


As a preschool or an elementary teacher, you should know the things that make your students more likely to stay in the classroom. Even though the room is neat and clean and there are empty corners of the classroom they may feel bored while studying with you. Kids would really love to spell their names especially using the felt letters it is like their favorite toy at school. There are some ideas to make felt letters perfect for letting them practice the alphabet.

Kids first learn how to spell their names using the letters and the letter sounds. Making these ideas will really turn into a wonderful and educational toy.
No wonder that word art is also becoming more popular. You can see black and white prints popping up with decorations and blogs.

I even searched on the internet for word art ideas and it makes me more excited. They are more likely expensive to buy online but how about making it on your own at home, young children in your place may also love it. But if you really love to buy, you will wait for them to become inexpensive and more popular, for saving you more.

Felt Stuffed Letter
You need scissors, embroidery needle, embroidery needle, pins, printed out letters to trace the felt. In this idea, you will need a wool felt for having a soft texture. Do not also forget to cut the letters with front and back. You have to stitch the letters that were cut. Play with the font and stitches until you will love the look of the font of the chosen stitches. Tip, pin the front and back view of the letters for easy stitching.

Felt Letter Board
You can also use the boards that were not used before for making it the board of the felt letters they wanted to pin like the names of your students, you may also add some quotes of the day, week, month or year. This will work in your classroom especially to students that need motivation during the class. Make sure also to center your letters by using a ruler or a tape measure to measure the distance of each letter. You can also plot the distance between the letters to make it sure. Also, a storyboard with some matching balloons for a more exciting game.

You can also use the old frames and replace it with black wool felt and put some glittering dust or stars and hang it on the wall in your children’s room.

Letterboard Storage Template
You can use the drawers that are not being used like drawers with twenty to thirty drawers perfect for every letter for the symbols, emojis and then another drawer. You can also put a small piece of tape so it will stick in place over time.

Choose best materials for your felt letters. This easy simple toy makes them smile throughout the day. Some of the parents would love their toddlers to play with especially with colorful colors. Encourage your toddler to learn their name. They will really love to paste it on the felt letter board.

Colors also with your kid, like the different shapes with different colors that will help them to learn colors. You can also choose a favorite story of the class and let them spell the names of the characters using the felt letters you made. Placing a mat while they are playing like the felt play mat that makes them interested in your students or toddlers. Drawing makes the young children also to learn fast like letting them imagine the things using the felt toys.

Tips for making the embroidery letters are to shorten the curves and stitches. You can make the different curves after you practiced with the simple ones. There are also different kinds of stitches that you may apply for stitching those felt letters. You can come up with clean letter board by using black or maybe darker colors and make your made felt letters with the bright ones.

I hope you find the ideas useful, it’s included in this for those who are not teachers, check out for other ideas online.


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