3 Simple Steps To Apply Tan Physics


We have acknowledged that most of you find self – tanners disappointing and time – consuming, therefore, let us introduce you to the new world of tan physics. It is formulated to by forgiving, hydrating and foolproof. Regardless of professional or beginner, you are, tan physics will give you gorgeously bronze skin that has to be seen to be trusted. Tan Physics is formulated with exclusive anti-aging properties and the moisturizing effect that can hydrate, restore and replenish your skin. Tan physics not only helps you in saving your skin but it also saves your time, your effort and money. Keep scrolling down for more detail of how to apply tan physics.

Step 1 – Make a clean canvas

In order to have the best, most satisfactory outcomes, you surely need to clean your skin as smooth and exfoliated as possible hence; your body can absorb all the pure and treasure compounds in the Tan Physics. However, you should not use a loofah sponge or nylon as both of them are so harsh for your skin, and they can cause suboptimal tanning outcomes.

Gently exfoliate your skin in a round motion. Focus more on elbows, heels, knees, tops of feet and top of hands. Ensure that you have thoroughly rinsed off conditioner, soaps or shampoos after taking a shower. However, do not wax, shave, tweeze or pluck within 24 hours after adopting Tan Physics otherwise the follicles, and the pores might look darker than other parts of your skin.

Step 2 – Tan, nourish and restore

Now when you have already been fully exfoliated and clean, then dry your skin entirely. This step is vital because it will allow Tan Physics to be absorbed more easily into your skin. Moreover, you might need to let your skin dry before starting to apply. Remember to remove all the jewelry such as rings, bracelets or necklaces and tight your hair up. And do not use any deodorant or perfume. Tan Physics shall be the first thing you apply to your skin after taking a shower.

Take approximately a quarter amount and apply it start from the center of your shin in front of a mirror that you can see yourself thoroughly and clearly. You should apply Tan Physics in different sections from the bottom to the top. First calves, feet, thighs, abs, back, chest, shoulders and finally your neck and your face.

Use the small circular motion and firm pressure to apply so that Tan Physics can be absorbed evenly into your skin. Since Tan Physics comprises a caramel color, you should know where you have put it and where you have not. In case you suspect a dark spot, you can rub it in to lighten the color. Finally, you can wash your hands and scrub the leftover of Tan Physics out of your fingernails.

Your tan will last about three days to 1 week. In case you want to get darker, you can apply the Tan Physics after the first day, but you do not have to exfoliate again.

Helpful tips:

–    Always go from light to darker since it is easier to darken your skin than get rid of the dark tan.

–    Do not forget to apply on your ears and the part behind your ears as well

–    Ensure that you have gone through your wrists, arms, neck and the back of your hands.

Step 3 – Let the “Sun” absorb in

Let your skin absorb the skin nurturing compounds such as tanners, vitamins; skin enriches oils and aloe for about 15 to 20 minutes. Moreover, drying also plays a vital role in the process. The longer your skin is dry, the more hydrating your skin is as well as, the better the outcomes shall be. Or in case you need to escalate the drying process, you can use a fan or a hairdryer.

Even though there is chance you might get instant color, your tan will only start to take effect in 3 to 6 hours (the time merely depends on your skin tone however within 24 hours from when you apply, your tan should be completely developed). Moreover, a small note is that you should avoid heavy sweating or shower as well as swim for approximately 6 hours after applying to get the best results.

If you ever had streaks or dark spots, just simply use a clean washcloth and wipe it away. On the other hand, if you have spots that you have missed, you can apply a bit of tanner to make it look as smooth and even as other places. Once again, remember to wash your hands and rub your nails thoroughly after using tanners.


Now you can enjoy your achievement. Congratulations on taking your very first step of tanning process without destructive impairment caused by the sun. A small reminder is that tan physics does not have SPF factor and it is not a sunscreen. Thus you must use sunblock to protect your skin from the UV rays and harmful lights.

In conclusion, Tan Physics is a method, a way to look brilliantly gorgeous and younger. We are also glad that you have successfully applying tan physics. So stay tuned, stay healthy and stay tan.

Reference: https://carekees.com/best-tan-physics-reviews-tan-physics-true-color-sunless-tanner/


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