6 Ways You Can Better Attract Home Buyers


Home buyers can be a difficult bunch if you aren’t aware of what you’re dealing with. Attracting home buyers requires attention not only to details in general but to specific details that apply to the real estate industry and certain protocol. There are ways to bypass the usual mistakes that sellers make in order to attract home buyers faster and more efficiently. Below are 6 ways you can better attract home buyers and secure a fast and legitimate sale of your home.

Be transparent

Being transparent about the current situation of your home will attract home buyers more than lying about what they are dealing with. This is because home buyers are generally entering the market (reasonably) skeptical – they are about to make a very large purchase that drastically affects their lives. Keeping this in mind will shift your values from making sure everything looks perfect or feigned perfectly, versus being transparent and building trust with a home buyer. Trust (if you can get it) is more valuable during the sale of your home and your relationship with a buyer than anything else.

That being said, when you are taking photos of your home to list and describe the property as the first point of contact with a home buyer, make it look as good as it possibly can! Lighting is probably the most important part of taking a good photo, so get some natural light around sunrise or sunset and take some real, transparent photos of your property in literally its best light.

List appropriately

Listing appropriately – as in, only in your location – is also very important for attracting the appropriate buyers. If you live in Jacksonville, don’t list online in Tampa, for example. When you do go online to list your property and begin attracting home buyers, using beycome is a great option for not only reaching appropriate buyers but saving money on commission as well. This sets you up also to attract home buyers even more because they will see that you not only are mindful of saving but looking to have everyone in the sale save, too.

Communicate effectively

Communicating effectively as a seller sets you apart and will set you apart very quickly. Being very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable goes a long way. Don’t send emojis or half sentences! Be an actual conversationalist and show that you do care about the person you are speaking to. Real estate can be cold and this is a real breath of fresh air when it comes to home buyers talking to sellers day in and day out.

Stage your home well

After using the above tactics, you will have an interested buyer coming in to see your home in person. This is where staging comes in!

Staging your home well is crucial for attracting, and keeping, home buyers’ interest. Keep things as open as possible – all countertops and furniture clear, as little furniture as you can get away with, and only a few pieces of art. Keep the kitchen spotless and the bathroom especially clear of anything on the countertops or any areas at all. Colors should be kept as mellow and pastel as possible – white is a great option if you can maintain it.

Keep your pets out of the area as much as possible, especially during the actual showing, and be sure to pay attention to both the front and back yard as well as the inside of the home.

Be quick

Don’t linger too long on the phone, say too much during a showing, or wait too long to move the ball forward. This is critical for making sure someone who is interested in your home will take action during their time of interest. There is a critical time frame of interest that will begin to decrease fairly quickly if things don’t move along. This needs to be kept in mind in order to make sure you are not only attracting but maintaining the interest of home buyers’.

There is a proven consumer behavioral phenomenon called “choice fatigue” that every home buyer faces. They are faced with many alternatives in their location most of the time, and while they may look, they may not buy quickly because of this. It’s important to bypass choice fatigue by making your home stand out as much as possible from the bunch of other homes on the market. This comes down to adding value that is intangible – every other home is listed in the same price range as yours, and that is what the buyer in their mind lumps your home in with the other options. If yours can stand out and suddenly be separated in their mind from the other choices, therefore bypassing “choice fatigue”, you have a much better chance of garnering interest and selling your home. Get to these points of value as quickly as possible, especially during a walkthrough.

But don’t pressure a buyer

There’s a sweet spot here, and pressuring a buyer who as mentioned above is already inundated with choice fatigue is only going to make them run in the other direction. Give them space to see the value of your home without pressuring them to make a decision.

The takeaway

Stay cordial and transparent, keep in mind what buyers are looking for, and don’t pressure them into a sale. Keeping these 6 things in mind while selling your home will have you well on your way to attracting the appropriate buyer for your home and successfully selling your property.


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