Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Flooring


Hardwood flooring is the type of flooring most of the design enthusiasts appreciate. It is a design that improves the value of a home and makes it look more appealing to the visitors. The vibrant colors, the textures and the natural look of the hardwood flooring are the characteristics that make it beautiful.

However, despite their appealing look and several benefits like strength, durability and shine, hardwood floors have their disadvantages. This post shares the top advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring in your home:

Advantages of wooden flooring

Beauty and appeal

Wooden flooring offers a rich look to the interior of your home. Moreover, the natural and neutral colors of wooden floors make a perfect contrast with the walls. You can get furniture that matches perfectly with your flooring.

Enhance the value

Hardwood flooring enhances the value of your home, and it offers an aesthetic appeal to your interior. You can sell your home at a higher cost as compared to the homes of the same size having vinyl flooring.


The hardwood floors do not lose their beauty and appeal with time. Moreover, they look more beautiful as they age. The essence of the wooden floors increases with time, and they look appealing forever.

Ease of maintenance

Wooden floors are easy to maintain as they can be repaired easily. If a piece of floor is broken or damaged, you can replace it easily. Any spills or stains are easy to clean using a wet cloth. Laminate floors are better than hardwood floors as they are moisture resistant.


Hardwood floors are organic as they made from natural wood. Being non-electromagnetic they don’t attract dust and allergens that comes with dust. Wooden floors are considered good for health.

Disadvantages of Wooden flooring


Wooden floors need maintenance for protection from termites and other pests in case your house in a termite prone area.

Prone to damage from water

Hardwood flooring is prone to damage from any splashes of water or liquid spills. Even it is recommended to mop the floor with a wet cloth but the water should not drip from the mop.

Not suitable for some areas

Wooden floors are not suitable for areas where water is used regularly like kitchen and bathroom. While you install wooden flooring in your rooms, you also need another type of flooring for your kitchen and washrooms.

High cost

The cost of wooden flooring is higher than vinyl and other forms of flooring. Moreover, the cost of installation is also high as you need to hire professional labor, which increases the overall cost of flooring.


You need to refinish the hardwood floors to maintain its shine and appeal every three to four years. This means spending again to maintain its shine and appeal.

Children and pets

You need to be more careful about the wooden flooring, if you have kids or pets in your home. You need to take care the children do not hit the floor with sharp objects. Moreover, the pets may scratch and damage the floor.

Wear and Tear

Hardwood flooring is prone to wear and tear in the areas that receive high traffic. However, the scratches can be finished with sanding and polishing. But this luxury is available only in case of hardwood flooring.

Final words

Despite its several disadvantages, wooden flooring is the first choice of many interior designers. The initial cost of installation of wooden flooring is high, but it is worth its strength, durability and appeal. It increases the value of our property as the beauty of wood is forever.

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