All You Need To Know About Marble Polishing


Marble is of many types and colors and adds a touch of class and elegance to any room. Beautifully polished marble floors are wonderful to look at and attract the attention of everyone. The variation in colors including white, black, red or green, allows for any number of combinations. The different types also provide a range of options and are available at varying price-ranges. A combination of both of these helps to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of anyone.

Polishing Helps Maintain the Perfect Shine

It is important to remember that it is through the polishing process that the shine of marble is maintained. However, marble floor polishing needs to be carried out correctly to make sure that no damage occurs. This includes applying the right amount of pressure to ensure that the polishing is completed without spoiling the marble.

Carrying Out Polishing at Certain Intervals is Necessary

The perfectly polished newly installed marble floor is bound to develop scratches and become dull with time. For this reason, its good to get it polished at certain intervals. This depends on the quality as well as the type of marble that has been installed. Also vital to remember is that regular marble cleaning assists in maintaining the marble floor polishing that is carried out.

Removing Stains and Filling Holes or Cracks Prior to polishing is Important

Stains along with holes or cracks can develop with time and must be identified before the new polishing is started. For the latter, a sealant is used to fill them up, to prevent any further damage.

For the former, the following are taken into account—

  • Type of stains and accordingly the cleaning agents needed
  • Avoidance of acid-based and abrasive cleaning agents/methods as they damage floors
  • Avoidance of scratches as they increase the effort required for smoothening-out floors before marble floor polishingis started
  • If stains are not removed beforehand, they become even more visible after polishing. This makes stain identification and removal an essential aspect of marble cleaning, especially prior to polishing.

Cleaning The Floor After Polishing is Crucial

An essential part of the polishing process is marble cleaning, which is cleaning the floor to remove all liquid and debris. This needs to be removed thoroughly and in a meticulous manner. If its left to dry on the marble floor, it can damage it.

Thus, the polishing process includes various aspects that need to be looked into at various stages. This can be before, during and after the process, but all are equally important. Together they ensure that the marble polishing is completed properly.


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