All You To Need Know About Boxes and Packaging


There are various kinds of boxes which are used for packaging purposes. Some of the types of boxes are folding cartons, set-up boxes, corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, paperboard boxes, etc. If you want to get the best cartons, buy cartons in Swindon, box supplier in Bristol. There are three types of boxes most commonly used in the packaging industry; they are folding cartons, rigid boxes, and corrugated boxes.

The most common type of boxes is the folding boxes which are generally paperboard boxes or paperboard cartons. They are mostly found in retail stores. For example; a cereal box is a kind of folding carton. The next most popular kind of boxes is the rigid boxes which are also called the set-up boxes. They are stronger and thus have more tensile strength. They cannot be a folder, unlike the cartons.

These boxes are mostly used for such materials which have higher value and need extra care, precaution and are heavy. For example; iPhone box is a typical example of a rigid box.  You can buy cartons in Swindon, box supplier in Bristol. The other type of box is the corrugated box which is also known as corrugated fibreboard, combined board or corrugated board. These are most commonly called the cardboard boxes.

These are used when people shift from one to another and thus are most common among movers and packers. Corrugated boards consist of three layers. A wavy layer is placed between two flat layers. The middle layer is the layer which makes the box foldable and strong. In the packaging industry, they are referred to as ‘master packs’ and ‘shipper boxes’. They are also used to carry products for industrial purposes.

Researchers have shown that cardboard and corrugated boxes are not the same. Cardboards are designed which can carry heavy items but are not meant for sturdy shipping containers. While on the other hand, corrugated boards are those of the liner and the medium.

The liner is found in the outside surface while the medium is situated in between the liners. They are then glued together which then gives it a ‘flute’ shape. These are then used for shipping purposes which are resistant to bumps and falls. Knowing the difference is important and thus you can buy cartons in Swindon, box supplier in Bristol which is of premium quality.

Thus it is very important to know the various types of boxes and their specific uses so that you can buy the appropriate type for your particular needs.


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