The Beginner’s Guide To Disc Golf

Disc golf baskets

As a beginner of disc golf, you must have heard from other players about the best beginner disc and even tricks that make the game easier. Starting a new game is always confusing and you have to learn a lot of the basics and have to consider the advice of expert players.  In order to get to the next level of disc golf, you definitely need some guidance, but you don’t need to get confused with what all the other players are saying. Instead check out this beginner’s guide to disc golf.

If you are new in the amazing world of disc golf, then consider the below points before rushing for that super fast ultra long range driver.

  • First of all remember to have fun: The best way to learn this game is to enjoy it. The more you have fun, the more you will learn the game and want to keep playing. Playing with a friend or several friends also adds to the enjoyment.
  • Learn your own technique: In the initial days, you might get a bit irritated when your drives go high in the air and then drop to the left. Don’t worry, with time you’ll learn to throw your disc in a consistent manner. You should not hesitate to ask any other player for advice, disc golfers are generally eager to share their experience and knowledge with you. With practice you will learn to use others’ throwing tips to develop your own technique.

Also, before throwing plan your shot and try to focus on the current hole instead of thinking of future shots. Start with the basic throws, whether you’re a sidearm thrower or backhand thrower. First learn this and then move on to the next level of more advanced shots. For more guidance, you can even check out the videos of expert players playing disc golf on the internet.

  • Select the right disc: the disc that you select for your game plays an essential role, you can use the rule of thumbs:
  • Throw light: for the beginners the ideal drivers are from 150g to 165g and they are easier to control.
  • Throw right: you need to look for the word ‘understable’, ‘turnover’, ‘roller’ in the description of the disc, as these types of discs are more beginner-friendly.

So, next time you have to buy a disc, check for the above things.

  • Keep it simple: You will definitely meet experienced and expert players on the course, but you mustn’t get intimidated by this, as you won’t be able to throw advanced discs at the start, you need to practice first.

So, now you know what all you have to learn when you are a beginner in disc golf. The next thing that you require is some tips that you might not have heard, but can actually let you improve your game with time. Let’s discuss about them in detail:

  • First comes the accuracy: do your homework in order to find out how accurately you can throw the disc. By this I mean, if you can make your disc land where you want them to.
  • Then the placement: find out which approach works best for you and if throwing a shorter drive leaves you in a better position or not. Check the hole, so that you know where you are the best lines to the basket.
  • Footing is also necessary: where you can have the best footing matters a lot for a good shot. The location where you can put your foot in a comfortable way and throw effectively will be different according to the shot.
  • Check the angle of the disc: you need to find out the angle at which you can make a perfect shot, like if you need your disc to settle down flat on the location that you have chosen. This will let you pick both the disc and the line you want to throw off the designated area in which the first throw will take place.
  • Condition of the ground: find out if your drive will skip while landing or if it stick or roll away. The condition of the ground does matter, as you might choose the best location to throw your disc, but if you can’t hit your target, then all your efforts will be in vein.
  • Obstructions in your path: while approaching your target you can have an obstruction in your path, like if you want to throw higher, but the ceiling don’t allow you to do that, then your drive won’t be successful.
  • The way you want it: many holes will proffer you with multiple options for the second shots. Your shot can be different from others, like you can leave yourself both an anhyzer and hyzer approach. Your shot is completely up to you, the way you can throw perfectly. So, you must try to find the hosts that will make you approach your target in a better way.

I hope, the above given tips will let you enhance the level of your game and you will soon become an expert in disc golf.


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