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Creating a website to sell eBooks or for a publishing house is ultimately not the most complex, especially when you have a premium theme WordPress dedicated only for this purpose.

To sell eBooks it can be done directly on its own website (usually with a payment via PayPal), or on platforms such as Amazon (Kindle) or Apple’s iBookStore for example. In any case, it is relatively easy to set up these different processes. In fact, the most complicated thing – besides writing the eBook – is getting to sell it.

In this collection of WordPress themes, we have collected 8 themes that will not only help you to easily create your website, but some of them have modern tools that will help you promote them on the internet.

  1. BEBO

BEBO is a WooCommerce theme dedicated to e-commerce and ideal for creating a bookstore’s website.

In fact, BEBO is well suited to the promotion and sale of any form of media, including not only ebooks, but also music, video and other digital files. But when it comes to the launch of your library site with BEBO, you will have at your disposal almost 7 home page layouts and a selection of models to choose from.

Depending on the model you choose, your website might focus on promoting one or more of your books, or simply make available a wide selection of titles in a format dedicated to online bookstores. Even publishers who promote multiple books and authors will also be able to use this theme to create a central hub for all items in their catalog.

For other useful features of BEBO, you will find the ability to define a book as the best sale of the day or book at the front of the day. The available widgets will also make it easier to view newly added books, as well as all popular titles and current offers or promotions in your library.

The more general features of the BEBO theme are a fully responsive design to support mobile users and a web-based build tool in the form of Visual Composer. The Revolution Slider premium plugin is also included in the theme package.

And if you want to sell your books or other digital products directly from your own website or just want to promote their availability in markets like Amazon, BEBO and its modern design, will do so very easily.

  1. FlatBook

FlatBook is designed in a flat style very fashionable nowadays and has anOnePage layout that will avoid your users to go astray between the many pages that can constitute a bookstore website.

The theme remains fully responsive and comes with an unlimited number of color combinations, visual page building features, integration with MailChimp for the newsletter and three price grid options will give your website a modern and professional stature. Which will seduce your visitors.

FlatBook also has a traditional menu for navigation, Font Awesome icons, Google web fonts, and integrates seamlessly with multiple social networking platforms. This is a theme that deserves to be consulted very closely.

  1. Bookish

Bookish combines everything you will need to easily and quickly create your eBook sales website.

This responsive theme has anOnePage layout and comes in 4 templates. But thanks to a personalization you will be able to make it unique so that it corresponds to your graphic charter.

It comes with slider, an unlimited choice of colors, Font Awesome icons and Google web fonts and it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce to help you sell your books on the internet.

  1. Novela

Novela was created to help you create an elegant landing page or promotional website for your book.

If you are promoting an ebook that you are considering selling online or a printed book that is available in different stores, the Novela WordPress theme aims to make it as easy as possible to create a website that will help generate more sales and exposure for your work.

Depending on how you set up this theme, the home page of your website might have a large picture of your book cover, next to the call-to-action buttons that lead to the pages displaying the locations or places where your book is available. As the Novela WordPress theme integrates seamlessly with the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can easily sell or distribute your eBooks directly from your website.

To encourage your visitors to become readers of your latest book, the Novela theme includes an intuitive preview tool that allows you to browse a set number of pages in your book online, with elegant animation.

As Novela was built on the Bootstrap framework, your website will be fully responsive. This allows smartphone and tablet users to browse your content with ease and perhaps, more importantly, to buy your eBook on their mobile devices.

Other features of this theme that interest authors include the ability to publish character profiles from your book, a section dedicated to the author’s biography, and an engaging blog template to share free publications and content with your audience. .

Novela makes it easy to create a website to promote your book, whether you want to sell it directly to your website, or to link to a vendor where it will be available for purchase.

  1. Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is billed as an online marketing theme that has been created in order to turn visitors into customers. Therefore, if you have an eBook – eBook – or any other product to promote, it could be the ideal theme for you.

Off the Shelf comes with several demonstration models, each of which can be installed and ready to be used for your personal content in minutes. At the time of writing this article, I already counted 12 different demonstration models.

While each of the demo versions was created to help you market your eBook or other online articles, there is a predefined demo template that was created specifically for the promotion of an eBook. If you install this template, you will get an attractive website that simply requires you to add your own images and text, to get a fully functional website ready to get your sales off the ground.

Other features on the home page after displaying the cover of your eBook are: the ability to post relevant logos, testimonials or reader comments, an overview of your book content, price options, information about the author, and an e-mail registration form for your newsletter.

Whether you need to create a website to promote your own e-book or offer a promotional eBook website creation service to authors, with the WordPress Off the Shelf theme in your toolbox you will be able to produce several unique sites with ease.

  1. Cosonix

Cosonix has eight unique home page demos that make it easy to install your site without too many parameters and options to explore.

While this theme can be used for a variety of purposes, such as building an agency website or an internet portfolio, there are also two attractive templates dedicated to the website offering services related to the sale or to rent eBooks.

Depending on the Cosonix eBook templates you use, your website will have an animated slider on the home page that can be used to promote your book. As the Cosonix theme has been designed with the ability to be modified or customized, all models can easily be customized to ensure they meet your needs. The premium Visual Composer plugin makes it easy to modify prebuilt templates or create your own templates from scratch, without having to write any code.

Cosonix’s preconfigured demo templates can also be applied to your WordPress site in just a few clicks, giving you a simple way to get a functional website online with the minimum amount of time or effort required.

  1. Brown

Brown is another responsive WordPress theme that will help you promote your eBooks on the internet.

It comes in three demo versions to choose from and a One Page layout that is an alternative to the multipage web site. Therefore, depending on the number of books you want to promote, there is a pre-constructed layout that will suit your needs.

If you choose Brown’s One Page version, then you will have a great opportunity to showcase the cover of your book on your website’s homepage. However, if you also choose to use the slider tool to create slideshows, you will be able to view multiple eBooks on your site’s home page.

This theme also gives you the ability to publish parts of chapters of your book on your website. This allows your readers to get a taste of what you have to offer, helping them decide whether to upload your work. For the distribution of your eBooks, you can either place a link to an eCommerce site like Amazon or sell the book directly on your website. Thanks to the support of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, which integrates with PayPal.

Other useful features of the Brown WordPress theme are: a profile for the authors, an email collection form, the possibility for users to leave comments, the Visual Composer plugin to help you customize your pages, and many more. Other.

As you can see, Brown is a flexible WordPress theme dedicated to eBooks, and that can be used in many different ways, to promote either a single eBook or an entire library of publications.

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