Best Foods For Healthy Teeth and Gums

Healthy food

Foods have a big impact on your teeth and gums. The health of your teeth and gum will rely on the type of diet you have. People fond of sugary items often have risks of cavity and they also live under the constant threat of tooth decay. As you should know, not all foods can be good for your dental health and you have to be careful about what you prefer and what you leave behind. You can search the internet, compile a list from different sources and come to know about the foods that are best for healthy teeth and gums.

Here are some of best foods for healthy teeth and gums –

1) Cheese

Cheese is nothing less than magical when it comes to dental health. It’s rich in calcium which forms a major ingredient in your teeth. You can counter the risk of plaque with cheese as this food is known to help lower acid level in the mouth. Even dentists advise chewing on hard chesses to boost saliva production to keep the mouth hydrated and also to scrub off foods, plaque and bacteria.

2) Milk

If you don’t drink milk, start doing it to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Because, milk is one of best-known sources of calcium which is needed for your dental health. Some other key minerals and elements are also found in milk which not only provide vigor to the body but also keep the teeth healthy. Plus, it can drink it and lower the acid levels in the mouth to prevent dental decay.

3) Water

If you don’t drink water through the day, you are then more likely to face dental problems over time than those who do. Water keeps your mouth hydrated which is important in keeping bad breath problem away. It also helps wash away foods, bacteria and plaque together with keeping saliva level high in mouth. And when saliva is present in higher amount, you are always protected against tooth decay.

4) Nut

Nuts are packed with health benefits for your teeth. You should be eating them quite often to fight bacteria and prevent the risk of tooth decay. Be it almonds, cashews or other nuts, they all contain calcium and phosphorus which are key elements for maintaining superior dental health. With nuts added to your diet, you are less likely to face dental issues than the rest who don’t.

5) Oranges

Yes, oranges! They are not bad for your teeth. Even though they belong to citric family, you can expect them to benefit in the same way as fruits do. Needless to say, they are not as citric as other fruits in the family and you can eat them to prevent gum problems. Oranges are particularly helpful in fighting off the risk of periodontitis.

6) Yogurt

If you are troubled by bad breath, start consuming more of yoghurt on a daily basis to treat the problem. This food is also good to save you from the risk of cavities. In fact, yogurt is rich in calcium and probiotics so can be good for gum disease as well. Given so much benefits to get, there would be surprise if you did not include this dairy product in your daily diet.

7) Carrots

Carrots are so tasty that you could eat bowlful without a break. And their being crunchy gets the jaw and mouth working which lends it vigor and strength. Above all, they are packed with key minerals and vitamins essential for your dental health. You should eat them a lot without ever feeling guilty as they are good for your dental health.

8) Apples

Apples are quite like carrots when it comes to delivering dental health. they too are packed with key nutrients and vitamins essential for your teeth and gums. Since they are crunchy, they help keep your jaw and mouth working and healthy at the same time. Plus, apples can scrub away food particles, plaque and bacteria to ensure clean mouth with free of odor.

9) Onions

The powerful antibacterial properties of onions are something that will prove magic to your dental health. They will keep you away from bacteria responsible for causing cavities and gum disease. You can either eat them raw or can cook with other vegetables for benefits. If your diet has not been having onions,

10) Celery

Nothing else can exceed the goodness of celery as a snack when it comes to archiving good oral health. It’s often labeled as nature’s floss and it helps scrum away bacteria and plaque from your mouth. You can include celery in your diet and maintain your oral health. To know more about foods for healthy teeth and gums, you can consult a top dentist in flushing NY and understand what works for you fine. 

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