The Best Movies to EVER Appear on Cable TV


With a Spectrum Packages subscription, service users can watch an entire range of exciting Movie screenings that often end-up being deemed as the de facto classics in their production genres – and go on to entertain viewers for many years down the line


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Watching movies continues to be the preferred entertainment pastime for a large number of people based all around the world, and not only for those resident in developed countries. Onscreen productions (that are subsequently televised through such subscription services as the Spectrum packages offer)provide their viewers the opportunity to relocate from their conscious bearings – and to enter a cathartic world of many imaginative possibilities to be contemplated over.

In this post, we’ll list a few of these all-time favorites – so that you too can become aware of their existence, and make appropriate plans for your next movie night on the upcoming weekend.

1.     The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The fictional adventure of young Dorothy and her dog Toto morphed into a cult classic soon after its release onto the big screen in the year the Second World War started, and its status as an iconic literary saga continues to be upheld even today. With a storyline that is both exciting, emotive and morally telling, the Wizard of Oz has been remastered digitally for premier on such services as Netflix and Hulu – to entice a newer generation of fans (as it did their parents & grandparents).

2.     The Godfather Trilogy (1972 – 1990)

Very few film productions (and trilogies, at that) have been able to capture the wild notoriety, as well as public and critical acclaim, as that which has been afforded to the Godfather series. Following the criminal saga of triumphs, misadventures, love affairs & losses of the powerful Corleone Mafia family resident in the U.S – with roots stretching back to western Europe – the storyline is usually labelled by its critics and fans to be one of the greatest to have ever been told before popular audiences.

3.     Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Set in the Arabian Peninsula during the inter-War period, Lawrence of Arabia focuses on the military exploits of the British military attaché T.E Lawrence in the region. The said historical figure has been deemed, as per some historical accounts, to have played a vital role in the overthrow of Ottoman political influence in the area that is now considered to be part of modern-day Saudi Arabia – and the film largely details its producers’ account of the feats that he accomplished with the help of his native (Bedouin) allies.

4.     The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001 – 2003)

Nowadays, there aren’t many millennials who are not familiar with the epic that is set in the fictional realm of Middle Earth – and the journey waged through it by a pack of hobbits, elves, a wizard and a dwarf to see to the destruction of the one ring of Sauron (the prime antagonist of the plot). The Hobbit series later emerged as an exciting spin-off from this main tale, and it too has achieved substantial critical and commercial success.

5.     The Star Wars Series (1977 – 2019)

The Star Wars film franchise, ever since its debut on the big screen in 1977, has managed to attain an enviable global fan following on account of its futuristic science-fiction plot settings, superb acting sequences, captivating storylines, as well as phenomenal graphics.

Its next installment is scheduled for an expected release in 2019.

To catch your favorite Movies and TV shows today, and within the comfort of your home settings, subscribe to a Spectrum Bundles – and be entertained on your terms!


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