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Top 10 controversies of Khan’s

10 controversies of Khan

We have witnessed never ending controversies which relate to Bollywood celebrities. Many of them are just rumors while some are real and lingered. Here are a few such much talked controversies. SRK and Salman Khan Rivalry. There was a time when SRK and Salam khan were known to be brothers of b-town. However, when the two publicly revealed the cold war among them became one of the hot controversy around B-town. This becomes dirty at Katrina Kaif’s Birthday bash in the year 2008. Salman Khan Said “SRK and I can never be friends”, Whereas, SRK said on this “Salam and I don’t talk which is absolutely right. The rumors of SRK dating Priyanka Chopra For the first time in his career SRK was linked-up with Priyanka Chopra. When Priyanka Chopra was asked about the link up during the camera launch event, she denied answering by saying “By being extremely loud, doesn't mean I'll answer your questions, sir. Thank You." It was Priyanka who also reportedly said that she and Gauri are not in good talking terms. Are you interested in similar engaging contents? If your answer is yes, you must visit and share your ideas to get yourself updated.  When Amir khan denied

The Best Movies to EVER Appear on Cable TV


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