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OnePlus, Xiaomi, Meizu – Who Is in the Lead?


Ours is a world filled with up and coming gadgets equipped with state of the art construction. While many companies including Apple and Samsung have already established their names as some of the leading brands in the market, it cannot be denied that these lesser-known corporations have something to boast about, either. These brands are slowly making it in the tech industry because of their distinct user interface and performance. Even some of these brands, as others would say, can also beat the top names in the industry. Hence, it is only proper to get to know some of these brands. For this article, we are going to be acquainted with three mobile phone brands that have already proven themselves to be successful in the market. We are going to identify the strengths and weaknesses of OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Meizu. From here, we can gauge which among these brands is the lead. Performance In terms of performance, the three mentioned brands of mobile phones have an octa-core or dual quad-core processors. These are modern processors that have two sets of quad-core processors, hence the name octa which means eight. This means that whichever of the three brands you are going to choose, you can