Home Remedies for Cottonmouth


Undoubtedly none of us also once encountered cottonmouth, but not everyone has enough information and know how to treat it. Here is the most basic information about common dental disease and home remedies for cottonmouth.

What is a cottonmouth?

Cottonmouth is the condition does not secrete sufficient amounts of saliva to mouth wet enough lead to feeling very uncomfortable dryness in the mouth. When saliva secretion deficiency and insufficient, cottonmouth condition happens is inevitable.

How to treat a cottonmouth most effectively?

Mint leaves

Mint leaves have antibacterial effects and lightly scented reduce mouth odor. It is one of the home remedies for cottonmouth you should apply to get the best effect.

Perform one of the following ways:

– Chewing mint leaves directly or regular use in the diet as for herbs.

– Grind mint leaves and the juice squeezed. This juice mixed with about 50 ml of warm water and one teaspoon salt. Use this solution to rinse your mouth every day, and you will feel the change in your breathing.

– A different way to treat bad breath is combined mint leaves with powdered menthol Baking Soda and water used for brushing is also very useful.


In honey has antibiotic, antibacterial effects and prevent them from growing.

Implementation: Put honey and cinnamon powder with warm water for rinsing or mixing honey into the lemon juice to drink every day 1-2 times for an effective cure bad breath. Besides, this plan also prevents tooth bleeding very good.

Note that should rinse with water or brush your teeth to prevent sticking honey color and can cause cavities.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves contain more tannin, oxalic, phosphoric not only, but also teeth whitening deodorant very useful lousy breath.

Implementation: Use 8-10 young guava buds, wash and crumple dust and bring about 300 ml boiling water for 10 minutes. Filter the juice, mix with a little salt and rinse three times/day, the bad breath will disappear after about one week carried out continuously.

Coconut oil

In coconut oil contains lauric acid antibacterial and destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi are very efficient.

Implementation: Hold in the mouth and mouthwash with coconut oil for 15-20 minutes to promote coconut oil is the maximum effective halitosis treatment. Then exhaustively rinse the mouth with warm water to help to remove the plaque on the teeth and under the gum itself. You should do it in the morning, after 1-2 weeks you will see remarkably effective.


Yogurt is proven to reduce the level of odor-causing bacteria causing lousy breath hydrogen sulfide. Also, it contains vitamin D to help create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow, so it is the most available and best home remedies for cottonmouth you can apply easily.


Ginger can treat diseases cause stomach discomfort and can beat bad breath. Done by slicing ginger tea and a bit of lemon added.

Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves effectively treat halitosis. Thus, it warms, fragrant dark, uses axes, reducing low heat, strong spleen, bar UE, the gas distention.

Implementation: Get coriander terrific special water, add a few grains of salt used as the mouthwash, done two times/day. After about 5-6 days to be effective. 

Cinnamon powder

Use scented cinnamon and hot features highly effective in the treatment of bad breath.

Implementation: Hydrated cinnamon and stir the mixture through reverse to affect all positions in the oral cavity effectively cure lousy breath after persistence implementation.

Lemon basil

Use lemon basil frequency, also known as herbs feathers, frequency status to treat the cottonmouth effectively.

Perform: Grab a handful of dry leaves thick frequency, color characteristics for water, hydrated and use mouthwash, after a few days expire foul mouth.

Rice-washing water

Rice-washing water is one of the free home remedies for cottonmouth. Rice-washing water supplies a significant amount of vitamin PP, effective cleansing close plaque around the teeth and mouth odor removal efficiency.

Implementation: Keeping the rice-washing water and use it to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth every day. Persisting with this method until halitosis wholly terminated.

To have clean breath, you have dental care properly. Apart from halitosis cure 10 fastest, you can apply some tips to reduce mouth odor by the simple daily habits follows:

  • Brush your teeth after meals, flossing to clean interdental plaque and tooth.
  • Clean tongue daily to remove turbidity, bacteria and leftover food still clinging on the tongue.
  • Dogs and gargling with salt water daily to remove odors and limit gingivitis.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters / day to supply water to the body, avoid dry mouth causes bad odor.
  • Do not use food odors like garlic, coffee, tobacco, alcohol.
  • Check and periodic oral examinations in Dentistry reputed to detect the exact cause and cure bad breath effectively.

Here is the article on home remedies for cottonmouth fastest easily done and perseverance will bring good results. Wish you have a good breath.


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