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How to Pull Off an Outdoor Party


A beach wedding with the setting sun as the backdrop.  Prom night in the garden as million stars produces an ethereal glow on the evening sky.  Birthday bash under the lush greenery and an awe-inspiring mountain view. Or, a simple barbecue dinner smoking at the backyard with family members.  These are just several of the perfect sceneries for outdoor parties that are the stuff of people’s dreams. You just love the festive mood, the soothing breeze and the vast space an outdoor theme provides.  And the ideas you have to make these parties entertaining are utterly limitless.

It’s the time of the year to go out and bring your tables to the ground. The weather is heating up which creates a warm atmosphere, setting the mood for an outdoor party.  Get off the office monotony and take advantage of the sunshine and the cloudless sky.  After being confined within the walls of your home, go outside and experience the fun feel of an outside setting.  It’s not too long till the leaves start to fall and the chilling air begins to push us inside again. If you’re planning for a corporate or a personal party, take it in the open space to make it a hit. Let everybody, including yourself, play it outside and have fun.

To get that extra oomph, here are some useful tips when planning for an outdoor party.

Set the Mood

The goal is to have your guests stick around until the last booze is served. Setting the right atmosphere can make your guests comfortable and entertained at the same time.  Arrange your setting in a way that exudes flair, elegance, warmth and a welcoming feeling.  Lounge chairs and cushions can build a feel-at-home ambience but ensure that, with all the equipment and furniture, there is enough space for entertainment and walking.

Equally important is to establish a focal point, the eye-catcher for gathering your guests, and it is dependent on your chosen theme. It can be the pool if you’re planning for the waves, or a decorative fountain to add a visual appeal.  A natural is a fire pit or fireplace for evening parties.

Another thing to consider is lighting.  Outdoor lighting can set the mood and is a big factor in either enchanting or repelling your guests.  So make sure to pay extra attention on it. Illuminate the outdoor space with lanterns and/or candles to create that intimate aura great for long conversations and barrels of laughter. When the sun goes down, it’s all about the shimmering glow of lights not just for decorative purpose but to keep the area well-lit and safe.

Music is another element to think of. The right music can kick in laid-back vibes even before the event starts.  Just don’t make it too loud or overwhelming to keep conversations going.  And when silence takes over the guests, the perfect melodies can ease the tension and catch their attention.

The Menu

It’s a hands down that barbecue is the all-time favorite in outdoor parties.  But, check on the hungry hordes and open your options for other entrees, including those for vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free party peeps. Plan the menu ahead of time so you can choose whether to do the cooking with a big help from family or, hire for a food service so you’ll have ample time to prepare for the other details. Another good thing about hiring a third party provider is that you’ll have your full attention to your guests, instead of grilling the meat and be exhausted in the process.


Inclement weather can ruin weeks or months of planning. So think ahead and integrate tents to shelter you and your guests against rain or sultry sun. Apart from refuge, event tents are also another party compliment you can make use of without minimizing outdoor space. You may opt for small ones and set up stations, or get a spacious canopy and spruce it up with visually appealing design. Stretch tents are also popular and provide more flexibility for an enchanting covered party.  Another great alternative are sturdy umbrellas for smaller groups to attain a more intimate ambiance.


Games are not just for kids and no one is too old to play. Pump up the crowd and remove the office dullness by surprising everyone with fun games. A piñata or musical chair is not just effective in birthday parties. It gives an exciting touch to the adults too. Keep your guests entertained by facilitating few games. Think of fun ideas which encourage creativity and teamwork while maximizing outdoor space. This breaks the ice for employees or family members who are still strangers to each other.

Equipment Rental

A big party pulls out all the stops and it won’t be complete without the necessities – the linens, glassware and silver, tables and chairs, electrical supplies or a dance floor. These equipment will dress your open space and create an enchanting canvas to a memorable event. Good thing you can easily find quality rental product to keep it out of your to-do list. When planning, itemize all equipment you’ll use so you won’t miss out on important things. Browse over a list of equipment rental vendors online or simply ask for recommendations.

Keep the Insects Away

As pesky as they are, bugs, flies and other insects can turn your party into an instant catastrophe. Before the scheduled event, conduct an ocular inspection on your chosen venue and check if there are party crashers that will make your guests uncomfortable. You may use some handy tools to keep those uninvited guests away. Lanterns and candles are natural repellants. Citronella and similar odor-based defenses can do the trick while providing a pleasant aroma.  For mosquitoes, make sure you or the supplier has misted the area. Elegant mosquito nets are also good alternatives.

The fine weather has beckoned you to bring the celebration outdoors. A soiree with family, intimate dinner with friends or a corporate event can be quite interesting in a boundless space, under a glowing sun or a constellation of stars. Give time to plan ahead and you sure can make memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to a great outdoor season!

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