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5 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

Dog training

Training your dog is necessary for his well-being as well as for maintaining peace in your household. At times when animals show behavior that isn’t appreciated, people may get annoyed and blame the poor pup for the mistake. However, it isn’t the animal’s but the owner’s fault for not teaching them acceptable behaviors. You as the pet-parent are responsible for providing your dog with proper training. You may get a trainer to do the job, but several basic commands can be taught at home. Here are five of these that are essential for each dog irrespective of their age, size or breed, these will make you and your dog’s life easier and aid in avoiding possible behavioral problems. All you need are delicious yet super affordable dog treats and a clicker (can be useful in certain situations) and you are all set to begin. Sit It is best to start with a few easy obedience training commands such as teaching your dog to sit. To train your pooch you need to place a treat near his nose and move it up, so your dog follows. Once he is in the sitting position, you must say “Sit” so he understands the command, and