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7 Mistakes That Will Make People Unfollow You on Instagram


People invest a lot of time on social media these days and once they reach a certain amount of followers they are sure to become the next internet sensation. While it’s not tough to get people to follow you, it is quite a task maintaining those followers so that they don’t unfollow you. The first thing people want to know is who unfollowed me on Instagram and why. If you’re wondering why people have been unfollowing you then here are 7 mistakes that you’re probably making that’s costing you those hard earned fans on Instagram. #1 Lack Of Engagement One of the main reasons people follow you on Instagram or any other social networking platform is so that they can see what you’re up to. The minute they find there’s been no activity from you for a while or there’s very little engagement, they lose interest and unfollow you. People usually clean up their social media accounts regularly and if you’re not keeping them interested they will hit the unfollow button and you will lose a follower. Make sure you stay active on Instagram daily so people don’t forget you. People follow a lot of people on Instagram so not posting for