Got S’mores? 7 Activities You Must Try To Make Your Camping More Memorable


Camping is fantastic if you are spending it together with your family, friends, loved ones or even alone. When you think of camping, a lot of people spend time sitting around the campfire thinking about anything or playing games.

To enjoy your camping trip, you have to plan it extensively. You can’t just sit around the fire all the time. You must think of activities that would make your camping experience far better than the usual. Here are some activities that you can do aside from the usual bonfire that will make your camping experience memorable.


Kayaking is one of the physical activities that is becoming popular on camping trips. Kayaking doesn’t allow you to disturb, make a noise, or pollute the water. With a little skill and determination, you might find this a great way of catching dinner through fishing.

Shoot Everything

Guns aren’t the only thing you can shoot. Photography is an incredible task to do. If you think that this isn’t fun, then you’re thinking wrong. Nature is the best subject for photography as it showcases how beautiful the world is.

Also, this is a great way of studying how to take great photos and picking some tips on how to improve your photography skills. It’s a good training ground.

Eye on the Sky

There’s always something to look up at to during the night. When you’re out camping outdoors, get out of your tent lay down and look up. Meteor showers and spectacular star formations are just some of the night sky attractions that you can see with your naked eye.

Rope Swing

You might want to explore your creative side. If you’re camping near a lake with tall trees try bringing a sturdy rope with you. Tie it on a stiff limb on the tree and swing out to deep water. This activity is fun and is adrenaline-filled for those who want some excitement when camping.

Preparing Food, Camping-style

Food is a standard and an essential must-have when going on camping trips. Never rely on the local flora and fauna for food as some areas may have regulations regarding the consumption of such. Try bringing in packed meals or even canned goods so you won’t starve.

Granted that there aren’t any provisions in fishing or game hunting in your area, then you can try fishing for a less messy experience. From trouts, catfish, and salmon, there are a lot of fish you can go for in camping sites near rivers or lakes.

To make the whole camping experience complete, cook any of your food over your camping fire. The slow cooking allows you to share stories with your friends and makes you realize how your camping trip is going so far. Eating and preparing food in camp always completes the most memorable camping trips.


If you’re a camper who loves trail adventures, then biking is probably one of the best camping activities you can enjoy. Beware though, only go through certified biking routes to assure your safety. Most accidents happen because campers go off-trail and encounter accidents such as animal attacks, rough terrain, thick foliage, etc.


A camping trip isn’t a camping trip without a traditional storytelling. For most kids and adults alike, storytelling the most exciting part of making your camping a most memorable experience. Gather your friends and sit around the bonfire. You can share a scary story to frighten some of your friends or you can gather round the fire and talk about past experiences.

There’s always an art to storytelling. When it’s a scary story, be sure to use the things around you such as cold winds, dark nights, and other things that your friends find horrible. Whether it’s a scary or funny story, it’s a good idea to take turns in telling them so that everyone can share.


Camping is an experience that almost everyone wants to partake.  Enjoying the fresh breeze of the outdoor winds and feeling the warmth and comfort of trees along the way is just a few reasons why camping is such an excellent activity to do.

Just be sure to have your equipment in good working shape. All most all Camping Stores have an extensive supply of whatever you’ll need on your camping trip. Tools like pocket knives, food like trail mix are all available. When you’re already prepared, go out and enjoy the great outdoors.


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