Mindvalley- The School of Humanity


Change! Change! Change! Everywhere. The changes are happening in all fields at a rapid pace that you hardly have the time and knowledge to cope with the change.  We are ill-equipped and ill-prepared to cope with the changing world. We find that our education system that is modeled around the industrial age model is in no way helping you handle the crisis. This only makes you unhappy, gives you a feeling of being unworthy, makes your body and mind unhealthy and leaves you feeling unfulfilled at the end of your journey.  The Mind valley- School of Humanity is an elixir that can erase all such negative feelings in you and help you acquire the skills that you require to live happily and healthily.

The focus of Mindvalley

The Schol of Humanity- Mind valley focuses on transformational wisdom. It aims to help you out whether you are 9 or 90. Mind Valley School of Humanity can not only act as a supplementary education to your normal university degree but it can also bea revolutionary degree option that you can think of replacing your university degree with.  How they bring about the change or rather transformation is through community models, technology, and game-changing design. It can be rated as the boldest experiment in thefield of education.

Why is there a need for a school of Humanity?

Colleges and Universities worldover advocate the need for a four-yearfull-time program which they consider is important acquire skills that are required to learn the skills that are required in the present age. They also stress on a permanent location and having students of similar age groupsto pass on the education and skills. The colleges and universities only focus on the transfer of knowledge rather than acting as inspirational centers that could promote community building. Mind Valley- School of Humanity differs from the colleges and University in that it helps you to learn and get inspired from living legends to envisage a future-forward vision.

The Inspiring lot at Mindvalley

The mind valley school of humanity is ready to make your future ready and lead an inspiring life which others would like to follow through making new friendships with the living legends like

  • Super brain, Jim Kwik
  • IcemanWim Hoff
  • Sofie
  • Jon Butcher

And many more.Mindvalley, unlike the colleges and universities, is open to all people who are serious and passionate about fostering personal growth and bringing about change in the world. It is called the School of Humanity because it attracts talents from about 46 and more countries and has about 230 members who are pretty serious about bringing about a transformational change. The number keeps growing as well.

Programs at mind valley

The programs at mind valley from which you can benefit from include

  • Improving Productivity
  • Establishing Mind and spirit connection
  • Bettering Health and fitness
  • Improving Love and Relationship
  • Unlocking transcendence
  • Duality
  • The six-phase meditation
  • The Harmonics
  • The M world
  • Energy medicine

And much more.

You can become a Mindvalley tribe member to download a large share of game-changing ideas and holistic education for life from the authors and teachers at the ever-growingMindvalley community.


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