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Thomas Tuchel To Replace Arsene Wenger This Summer


According to reports in Germany, the former Borussia Dortmund manager has rejected an offer to join Bayern Munich in favour of a move to the Premier League. Thomas Tuchel, one of the hottest free agents in the market right now, will be the new Arsenal manager next season, according to leading German sports magazine Kicker. The ex-Borussia Dortmund boss was expected by many to take over at Bayern Munich from Juup Heynckes next season, but he informed the Bundesliga giants last Friday that he has already chosen another club. With Heynckes expected to step down as Bayern manager in the summer, Tuchel was supposed to be the ideal replacement. We only analysed yesterday why Wenger needed to leave the club in the summer, as he has nothing much to offer to the club anymore and is only taking them backwards. Tuchel’s appointment will be perfect based on the personnel The Gunners have at their disposal. He has already worked with two of their players before – Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, achieving huge success with both of them. In 63 league appearances under Tuchel, Aubameyang scored 56 goals. His attacking brand of football will suit the club perfectly, while his youthful exuberance

What All You Get With A Courier Tracking Service?


With fast track courier tracking services, you could get some extra comfort and peace and this is the reason why courier tracking services are being popular day by day. Now, whenever you send a courier to anyone living in a different country or location, you can get updated information about the current location of the courier without any need to constantly call the company to inform you the status. This not only benefits the sender, but also the receiver. This way, you could also update the receiver about the day and time on which the courier would arrive. If the person is not available, then you could simply reschedule the delivery and this would save time of all, the delivery service and even the sender. The customers benefit the most with the fast track courier tracking system. Let’s talk about those benefits in detail: Visibility: One of the biggest issue for the people is that they never receive their couriers on time. Now imagine that you have ordered an expensive laptop online and now it’s been two weeks and you are still waiting for your delivery to arrive. The most terrifying news is the one that you have received a message stating

The Growing Popularity Of The Football Stadium Lights

Led Lights

High strength and beamed stadium lights are used for enlightening the football stadiums. It is the necessity to conduct sports other than in the daylight to meet the growing demand for the sport. It creates the need for flood lights to illuminate every corner of the stadium and prevent glares and dark spots to prevent injuries to the players and ensure clear visibility to the viewers and broadcasters as well. The cameras will be able to record every moment of the players and the ball for broadcasting. The high performance LED football stadium lightsmakes the sports an unforgettable experience. Important factors to consider for sports lighting include lighting and lamp type. The LED lights for sports are available in various configurations such as Prism, Stadium Pro, All field and Arena Pro. The All field lights for outdoor sports are designed and developed for use in semi-professional, collegiate and high school sports. They are maintenance free. It offers a sigh of relief for the organizers. The LED sports lights are offered with intelligent control, on-off capabilities, and adjustability to deliver consistent and quality light. They are energy efficient and maintenance free. 1000 Watt Light Fixture You need not want a 1000 Watt Light Fixture for LED