Shrink Wrapping: Pack Anything and Everything for your Business!


Customers do not like receiving damaged or broken goods when they order products. If you’re running a business, you know well how this scenario can hurt your company. When orders do not arrive at their destination in one piece, the relationship between the customer and the supplier becomes strained. If that unsatisfied client publishes negative reviews online, the image of your business will be tarnished. It goes without saying that as a business owner, you should pay close attention to how well-protected your goods are.

You can take preventive measures that can help you avoid getting your products damaged during transit. For one, you can customise the packaging of your items. Moreover, you can add another layer of security by using protective wrapping methods. This is where shrink wrapping comes into place. It is worth noting that you will find it challenging oversized cargo overseas. If the product does not fit typical shipping crates, the option would be to shrink wrap it. This will ensure that the item will still arrive at its destination in one piece.

There are many good reasons why shrink wrapping is one of the ideal options for securely packing your cargo. In this article, we will show you how you can shrink wrap anything and everything for your business!

The Right Shrink Wrapping for your Needs

The image and reputation of your company are important when you want to run a successful business. By protecting them, you can add value to your brand and attract a larger customer base. As we’ve mentioned, damaged goods can harm your brand and even make your business vulnerable. Well, there is a way to avoid that and that is to shrink wrap your items.

When you search for shrink wrapping services, companies will give you the freedom to choose from various film thickness. That said, choosing the right size depends on your specific needs. The thicker the shrink wrapping film is, the less likely that the recipient will find holes and tears on the packaging.

Wrapping Items with Different Shapes and Sizes

Have you ever wondered how bulky air conditioning units are transported? How about boats? It is mesmerizing to open these items and find them virtually scratch-free! Well, these large items are secured against damages and scratch, using shrink wrapping. Regardless of the shape of your cargo, packaging companies will still be able to shrink wrap it. They would even suggest custom building timber pallets according to the shape of your cargo.

Shrink Wrapping that Protects the Item from Inclement Weather

Perhaps, you’re planning to ship your cargo via sea or land. In this case, you have to worry about inclement weather. On the other hand, this should not be a problem when you’re shrink wrapping your cargo. This is an effective way of protecting your products against damages caused by dust, moisture, rain, wind and even UV rays.

It is worth noting that items in storage can also be protected from the elements when you shrink wrap them. Let’s say you have boats that are only kept in your warehouse. Before the winter season arrives, you should hire someone to shrink wrap them. If the weather gets so bad that it causes holes and tears on the wrapping, you can simply use tape to patch them up. However, when the damage becomes bigger, you can always purchase appropriately sized wrapping film over the hole and apply heat on it.

Shrink Wrapping Vs. Stretch Wrapping: Wait, Aren’t They the Same?

Some people freely interchange stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping. It is true that they both use synthetic plastic films. However, they are absolutely different from each other.

They can be both beneficial in protecting your items. However, they are used for different applications. When you are packaging multiple items together, the best option would be to use the stretch wrapping technique. With this packing method, you are clinging the items together while wrapping the film over itself. Meanwhile, shrink wrapping is the ideal method for packaging individual items.

Advantages of Choosing Shrink Wrapping

        Shrink wrapping can be customised with ample ventilation. This technique helps reduce damages caused by moisture.

        When you efficiently shrink wrap an item, you can protect it from scratches and chafing that happens during shipment or storage.

        You can recycle shrink wrapping films. You just have to bring them to a licensed recycling facility that processes soft plastics.

As you can see, there are many benefits when you shrink wrap your products. You can protect your items from damages while adding value to your brand identity. When your customers receive their items in one piece, you can rest assured that they will be satisfied. They might even be happy to come back and continue doing business with you!



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