Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Something New


“I hold my wife’s hand at the mall because if I let go, she will start shopping. It looks romantic but it is actually economic” –Author Unknown

Women are notorious for their propensity to shop—even more so than their male counterparts. This can perhaps be attributed to a woman’s natural affinity with clothes and their penchant for having lots and lots of them.

After all, the more you have, the better your mixing and matching options would be.

However, while all these are true, it is also a given that almost every woman has experienced buying something on impulse and wore the item once or never at all. You may have your reasons for buying that blouse or dress. At the time, it may seem like a good purchase but then you find yourself forgetting about it and having it sit in your closet doing nothing but taking up space. This kind of behavior—especially if it turned to a habit is neither economic nor practical. If you are guilty of this, you might want to reevaluate your shopping habits. So, if you feel like shopping is an addiction you need to indulge and satisfy, you might just be a shopaholic.

Before you go and visit Abreeza mall or any other mall to pander your shopping frenzy, ask yourself these questions first:

Why do I want this?

If there is one pivotal question you should definitely ask yourself, it should be this. Sometimes, we get too caught up in our impulse to buy something that we forget to even contemplate about our purchase. It would not take you long to answer that question and if it does, then your reasons for buying it might not be as convincing. Before checking out anything at the counter, it is always a good idea to know why you are buying it. Are you merely justifying a purchase? Or do you really need the item in question?

How often do I see myself using this?

Do you intend to use the item you bought often? And if so, how often are you really going to use it? If it is not something you can wear on a regular basis or something that would require only a special occasion to wear, you might want to put it back on the rack.

How does the purchase make me feel?

Spending money—no matter how big or small—is always an emotional decision—no doubt about that. With this in consideration, it is imperative that you ask yourself how the purchase makes you feel. It might have been cleverly marketed that you easily fell for it or it might have been on sale. If your purchase is something that you know you would feel good about whenever you use it, then go ahead and buy it. However, if you are already having second thoughts from the get-go, it might not be something you would find joy in the time to come. Sure, it might make you happy now, but that in-the-moment joy is not sustainable.

Will this work with what I have?

There are some items that look so good on racks and mannequins and when you try them in the dressing room, they would look even better. Unfortunately, when you have finally made your purchase, you would find that nothing in your closet seems to go with it. Before going on ahead and buying something, visualize how you are going to wear the apparel you intend on buying with the other clothes in your closet. Visualize your outfits when you wish to buy something new. When it comes to furniture, make sure that what you buy fits flawlessly and seamlessly into the space you are going to be installing it in. For more accurate results, take photos of the existing place and see if what you buy would bring cohesion to the place or would make an excellent accent.


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