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Handling Stress in Golf


How do you play in golf competitions? Does your game stay as free as in rounds with your friends? I’m guessing not. Do you ever play poorly in competitions and head straight for the driving range only to find that you hitting it fine. Or do you hit it fine on the range before a competition and then lose your swing when it matters? Do you then scratch your head and not know where to look for the answers? Well I think you should look inside yourself for the answers. My name is Jon Adler and I am work in

Improve Your Game with a Chainstar Disc Golf Basket

Disc golf baskets

Disc golf is an awesome game and can be made more special with amazing equipment such as specialized disc golf discs and disc golf baskets with chains. Players are sometimes confused about the perfect basket they should buy and play with. In this article, we’ll check out the Chainstar disc golf basket, as it’s one of the best disc golf baskets to help enhance your game. There are various types of this basket, let’s check them out. Chainstar basic: If you’re thinking of building your own disc golf course, the best way to do it right the first time is

Why Buy An Electric Cargo Bike?

Electric Cargo Bikes

Logistic challenges are very common with young parents. For example, getting the kids to school, making a trip to the grocery store, and taking a stroll in the park all present challenges. Mostly, we think about using a car to complete these tasks. But, what if it were easier to bike instead? In this blog we’re going to talk about biking as an alternative to make your day easier and fun at the same time. Which bike you ask? Well, it’s an electric cargo bike. Freedom: Nothing compares to the feeling. By using a cargo bike, you expand your mobile freedom

The Growing Popularity Of The Football Stadium Lights

Led Lights

High strength and beamed stadium lights are used for enlightening the football stadiums. It is the necessity to conduct sports other than in the daylight to meet the growing demand for the sport. It creates the need for flood lights to illuminate every corner of the stadium and prevent glares and dark spots to prevent injuries to the players and ensure clear visibility to the viewers and broadcasters as well. The cameras will be able to record every moment of the players and the ball for broadcasting. The high performance LED football stadium lightsmakes the sports an unforgettable experience. Important factors

The Beginner’s Guide To Disc Golf

Disc golf baskets

As a beginner of disc golf, you must have heard from other players about the best beginner disc and even tricks that make the game easier. Starting a new game is always confusing and you have to learn a lot of the basics and have to consider the advice of expert players.  In order to get to the next level of disc golf, you definitely need some guidance, but you don’t need to get confused with what all the other players are saying. Instead check out this beginner’s guide to disc golf. If you are new in the amazing world of