Summer Fashion Staples: Five Essential Must-Haves A Woman Should Have for Summer


“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” –Author Unknown
With the scorching sun blazing down on us, we can finally say that the summer season is definitely here. So, take out your bikinis and stow away your gloves, beanies, fur and mink coats away in your closets and make room for the summer style essentials that would certainly complement your beautiful and golden tan lines. However, with a myriad of wholesale bob marley options and other sartorial choices, let us not limit ourselves to simple bikinis and swimwear. After all, while the summer is all about going to the beach and taking holidays and vacations, your wardrobe is certainly not going to consist of solely swimsuits only.

Let us make your closet inclusive and your sartorial options more expansive. Complete your summer look with these summer fashion essentials listed below:


Having a pair of sunnies to protect your peepers from the blazing and bright sun is imperative during the summer season. It does not function simply as a fashion statement but it is there to protect your eyes as well. To ensure maximum protection, make sure you have a pair of Polaroid shades that protect you not only from the sun but from the UV rays as well. As these are rather expensive, make sure you set aside a budget for it. If you wish to treat yourself, go ahead and indulge yourself to a couple of fancy and branded ones or just have cheaper ones as backup.


During the summer season, a pair of socks is virtually a nonentity as it does not serve any real purpose during the summer. Sure, comfortable and casual shoes might be your go-to choice and styling them with your summer dresses can be quite fun, but give your feet the chance to breathe as well—especially if they have been inside closed shoes for far too long. Go ahead and buy yourself a pair of thong sandals as well as a pair of cute slippers. After all, these will always look infinitely better on the sand than your standard pair of sneakers.


Having a tote to stash all of your belongings in is a must for the summer. More importantly, you need to have a bag that can weather sand, extreme heat and saltwater. Your leather bags and totes are not going to cut it and unless you want to damage them, you best leave them at home if you are traveling to the beach. Some essentials that should always be in your bag for a trip to the beach are sunscreen, body mist, perfumes and the like.

Hat or Umbrellas

Or you can choose to have both. Hats are fun and the wide-brimmed ones look great—especially when you are out rocking your bikini on the beach. Furthermore, the protect you from the sun by shielding your face from its harsh brightness. However, if hats are not your thing, carry an umbrella with you instead and remember to apply sunscreen. Do know that it would not be much help and hats are really so much more preferable. After all, they do not only photograph well and would look much fancier, it allows you to hide your hair on a bad hair day as well.

Tank Tops

You need tops that are not only lightweight, but comfortable to wear as well. Tank tops are versatile and breathable and go with almost anything and everything. Moreover, they are easy to wear—regardless of whether you are indoor or outdoor. Plus, they make for great under layers whenever you want to stay warm during the colder months. Pair them with your favorite yoga pants or leggings and you are good to go. Take note: These are two sartorial items you can never have too many of.


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