Some Surprising Facts About Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is one of the most difficult grape to grow, but it is always present in wine regions, which is from central France to the hilly vineyards in Australia and the hot deserts in California. Pinot Noir can be called as the undisputed King of Burgundy, because of its thin-skin and dark red colour. To grow Pinot noir a lot of sunshine is required, but in very high temperatures it can wither. The wines that are made up of Pinot Noir can age for decades, but if they are kept in improper storage, then they even turn into vinegars in just a few years.

Nowadays, you can find about more than 40 mutations of Pinot Noir and they all have a different taste. Although, it’s not necessary that the taste will always be good. The winemakers are very interested in this wine grape, as it provides an opportunity to create the pinnacle of the pinot noir. The variety comes in earth-scented bottlings having hard tannis to deeply ripe and rasp-berry fruited wines. This won’t be wrong to say that wine from Pinot Noir is available for each and every taste or palate. It doesn’t matter if you are a raw vegan or a Paleo devotee, a Pinot Noir wine is available to complement your meals. Even in the US, Pinot Noir is one of the best selling wines. The amazing thing about this wine grape is that it is anything but dull, at least in colours, as it can be found in different shades from deep purple to soft crimson.

Although, there are various resources from where you can get details about different wines, on ‘Wine terroir’, you will hear an honest review about wines from Robert Vernick, who is a renowned wine specialist. Also, you’ll be able to unveil more about pinot Noir wines like Meiomi, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience the charm of the most exquisite wines without actually buying them.



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