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Free Social Bookmarking Sites List


Welcome to the Columnisthub social bookmarking list. These websites allow you to register and bookmark web pages online. Other members are free to view, read, comment and vote on available stories. If you like to find out more about these sites, you need to visit Wikipedia's following page on social bookmarks for extra information. Social bookmarking websites are intended to support user sharing, we request that using this list value the guide lines of each website that appears on this page. With the right of free words comes some duties and reviewing the association and submission guide lines at each website

What is Social Bookmarking?


Why Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is the new way of saving and sharing any favorite webpage and revisit the same page later. Now all are using it for online presence in order to increase website traffic.So on overall Social bookmarking is used for back-links creation, increasing rankings, generation of traffic, improve customer relations and boost brand awareness. Social Bookmarking and It’s Importance On SEO As you most likely are aware, social bookmarks enable you to spare the address of a site that you are occupied with going to, later on, the activity that is performed in the online condition, therefore you can