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8 Stages of Mobile App Development Lifecycle You Should Know


Mobile apps are continuing to evolve with every passing day. These applications have taken almost every day to day operations. Not many people know that app development process is not that simple. App development process can be a daunting task that requires all the efforts to bring an app into existence. An extensive pre-planning is required in the making of a successful app. With so much competition in the app market, there’s a dire need to develop an app that stands out from the competition. Since it’s important for an app to stand out, it automatically becomes important for developers to

Guidelines For Creating A Secure Mobile App For Providers

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Health care providers are aiming to create apps that provide full assistance to the patients via business app to easy the streamlined process and provide clinical help to improve patient’s health. In the process, they face many security and privacy issues. It’s a challenging task to design an app that can work well at different hospitals with doctors or nurse several times a day. This doesn’t mean that the developers should hold themselves from developing an app. There are several measures that can be taken to secure the app during the development process that can ensure high security. In this article,