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The Collision between PR, Content, and SEO: How to Make It Work for You


In Today's digital world even a small business idea can fetch millions and billions of dollars but for that idea to transform into a giant company is the real challenge many people face today. Though the idea seems to be legit and has potential to make a fortune the real hurdle here is how to present it to the audience. Many approach PR professionals and few depend on the content and overall for the online presence of the business Affordable SEO Services is considered as the best option. But in fact, the question here is what is the difference between

Six reasons why is SEO essential for your website


Website represents the face of your brand in the market. Hence, your website should be designed flawlessly with utmost care. A website getting large number of visitors’ everyday indicates that it’s a successful website and can be truly profitable. Regardless of the niche of your website, it needs to drive a huge amount of traffic to the website to serve the needs. Whatsoever the reason may be to gain website traffic, the fact is that your website should be SEO optimized. Many website owners know the value of SEO yet they neglect it not knowing how many benefits it can

10 Tips for an Awesome and SEO Friendly Blog Post


Writing the blogs is more like an art and a true skill that can be learned with time and full heart dedication. People used to take writing as a waste of time but now with the advent of the internet, people have a different view about writing. People believe that writing the blogs is a great source to eliminate the built up pressure, share ideas, and to spread the word about anything.Sharing the blogs require a good internet connection. Mediacom Internet is preferred over other types of internet connections these days. The reasons for this change of liking are that

New SEO Update 2018: SEO Professionals Should Do Right Now

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SEO or search engine optimisation is the most important work that a company needs to gain name and fame online. By getting your company’s website in contact with the companies granting SEO you can put your company’s name into the top ten searches of the internet. Now you can very well imagine that if an unknown person searches for anything which matches with your company’s details and your company is in the top ten lists then the chances for getting your company preferred by the person will increase. It will then surely increase your profit. Also there is always a

How To Find A Best and Trustworthy SEO Agency?


Hiring the best SEO agency is very important so as to save your time and indirectly your money. Yes, it may cost you some amount but it saves your time and wasted efforts of being on the top of the Google rankings. The best SEO service providers have the best bunch of experts who are a pro in using the tools and techniques for the right kind of SEO. Before you finally find out the best SEO Company in India, have a look at the mistakes you definitely need to avoid: Avoid using Google as the filter to find the

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List


Welcome to the Columnisthub social bookmarking list. These websites allow you to register and bookmark web pages online. Other members are free to view, read, comment and vote on available stories. If you like to find out more about these sites, you need to visit Wikipedia's following page on social bookmarks for extra information. Social bookmarking websites are intended to support user sharing, we request that using this list value the guide lines of each website that appears on this page. With the right of free words comes some duties and reviewing the association and submission guide lines at each website

What Is a Company Marketing Deck Card?


Marketing decks is a presentation, which is used by companies, managers and executives for different purposes. It can be used as a tool for selling a product, service , or as a screenshot of company marketing program. This deck is presented to the managers of a business. Snapshot Deck Most of the managers and owners like to see a monthly, quarterly or yearly data from the marketing department. This data is presented as a snapshot deck or presentation of the slides. This include information on the services that were the focus as well as finance information data. You may be asked to

What is Domain Authority?


Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking score given by Moz that predicts how a website will rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100 and the higher will be the DA of any website and the greater will be the chances to get a good rank in Google. You can view Domain Authority by visiting MozBar (a free Chrome extension), Open Site Explorer (link analyzing tool), the SERP Analysis part of Keyword Explorer, and lots of other SEO tools on the web. How to Check Domain Authority? Open in your browser and you will find a page with a

Cheap Vs Quality SEO Services and Why Quality SEO Worth It


Search engine optimization is useful marketing tool to rank higher in Google search and generate potential traffic on your website. SEO services make your website visible and increases its credibility. They generate valuable traffic to your website in return to your investment. In today’s generation, we can get everything with-in budget, but then we need to compromise with quality. As like anything, you can choose your SEO service from the variable price range according to your budget. You can choose SEO services that are affordable to you, but we advise you to go for quality SEO service. Even affordable services

What is Social Bookmarking?


Why Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is the new way of saving and sharing any favorite webpage and revisit the same page later. Now all are using it for online presence in order to increase website traffic.So on overall Social bookmarking is used for back-links creation, increasing rankings, generation of traffic, improve customer relations and boost brand awareness. Social Bookmarking and It’s Importance On SEO As you most likely are aware, social bookmarks enable you to spare the address of a site that you are occupied with going to, later on, the activity that is performed in the online condition, therefore you can

Free & Paid Guest Posting & Blogging Sites List

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Here, we are going to share Free and Paid Guest Posting sites list with you. Most of the sites listed here are high quality and let you write for them. If you want to use the list for link building then we will suggest you to read the guidelines of guest posting before attaining any backlink from these sites. And, if you are new to Columnist Hub, we are a growing community and accepts posts related to any niche in blogging. We hope you all know the benefit of Guest Blogging and here we are sharing some of benefits for guest

Some Good SEO Practices in Melbourne, Australia


Before publishing your next web content or making any changes in your site, read this blog. You’ll get to know some amazing tips that you definitely need for effective SEO in Melbourne. • Choose a good keyword to focus on: you can simply choose a term or phrase for which you want to show up. Like if you are running a business of vases, then you can simply go for buy vases or vases online. For these keywords people will actually search or else you can take help from the Google Keyword Planner. • Research your competitors: in private browser, you must