Time to Improve Your Recruiting Process?


It’s 2018, a time for New Year’s resolutions and fresh beginnings. It’s a good time to reinvent and improve your recruiting process to ensure you find the right candidates for your company.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in the struggle to find great candidates, to retain new employees, and the fill those much needed roles in your organization.  Although some of the difficulty can be attributed to the current candidate market and competition for the best job, some of it may also be from how you currently recruit and hire candidates.

Here are five easy ways to improve your recruiting process:

Detailed Job Descriptions

Before you even start with applications and employment background checks, the job description is how you attract the right candidates and retain them for the long haul.  Bring a little creativity to those blah and drab job descriptions, give a little more than education, experience and training, also include daily responsibilities, or even a 90-day plan for the new hire. Try elaborating on experience too.  For example instead of saying “5 years of experience,” say “5 years of experience making outbound sales calls” – much better!

A detailed job description will also help you prepare a list of questions for employment background checks to ensure performance results.

Team Effort

By including others in the hiring process, you will find that more minds and opinions are better than one.  Other people will be able to paint a bigger of the candidate and be able to determine if information from employment background checks – whether positive of negative – correspond with the candidate who is up for the position and if they will be able to perform the job at hand.

Triple Check      

The biggest improvement you can make to your recruitment process is adding checks.  What does that mean?  We are talking about checking for technical skills by testing candidates, performing employment background checks and criminal record checks, and calling references.

Since Verifications Canada is a background check company, let’s talk about employment background checks and criminal record checks. Unfortunately, there are times when candidates falsify their resume and/or application for a position, whether it is experience, education, or criminal past.  Don’t be afraid of performing these types of background checks, they will only ensure the right candidate is right for the job and your company.  It also means your team and workplace is safe and secure.

Consistency is Key

It’s important that no matter whom the candidate is or what position is available, that every person you bring through your hiring and recruitment process goes through each step the same, asked the same interview questions, and that employment checks and criminal background checks are performed.

Professional Development

In today’s workplace, all professionals are looking to grow and learn. Increasing work experience and expanding industry knowledge should be enveloped into your recruitment process.  This not only is a selling feature of your organization but also is a key part in retaining employees for the long term.


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