Tools You Should Use For Your Website Ranking


You are creating a new blog or stunning website the main thing is traffic and the ranking of the blog. The high ranking of your website or blog is the very important thing. Nowadays every person wants to be in no 1 in any field or in website or blogging. Now if your SEO efforts are really good or better than others, then definitely you are the very famous blogger.

The smallest part of the SEO is keyword researching and doing OFF PAGE SEO and also ON PAGE SEO but it’s very effective to increase the ranking of your blog or website. Now the thing is that blogging is your passion and serious about blogging then you have to find out the best way to get more and more traffic on your blog or website to get no 1 on any search engine like Google Bing Yahoo.

Now if you are doing SEO of your website or blog in the right way it will help you to get high ranking but if you want more than you have to access the right tool for your website or blog. Now I will tell you the top tools that expert blogger used for tracking the ranking of the website.

If you are creating a gaming website and you want to rank in no 1 then you must try that tools for your gaming website and check this for getting an idea.


At no 1 is SEMRUSH. IT is used primarily for researchers and is well known for the research tools of the competitor’s website. You can do too many things with this tool because SEMRUSH has a lot to do. Find the best keyword for your website or blog using the position tracking function and also trace the domain. Find your Competitive keyword with the SEMRUSH and also organize your website or blog keywords. All the data of your website is updated daily from Google.

It gives you full detail of your website is going your website ranking is increased or not and also includes the organic traffic.


We are talking about the Advanced Web Ranking tool mostly called AWR, AWR tool gives you the two best things that can be used as desktop software or a cloud-based tool to track your blog or website. The great thing about Advance Web Ranking that I personally prefer is that you can consult an infinite number of websites, campaigns, and c0mpetitors.

It provides you automatic updates of your website or blog keywords for ranking or manually daily update of your website data. AWR also allows you to track tracking based on location for local businesses. And it supports keywords in different languages including Latin, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese and K0rean with a special character.

The coolest feature of AWR is you can also work as a team. You can assign users with specific permissions according to their needs so that they can modify the data and execute all the reports. White label reports are also available inAdvanced Web Ranking tool.


If you need a complete web-based SE0 package, SE0 profiler is the best for you. Track tracking of keywords with page auditing, backlinks tools, and competitive intelligence tools.

Keyword Tracking Tool is the best tool you have and keeps on your website in all search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yah00. You can easily find the keyword simply by entering this keyword, and you will get many suggestions related to your keyword. And there are lots of tools to prioritize the keywords you can target with a analyzer and a SEO tool to optimize your Google AdWords.

You can also track the ranking of your competitors compared to yours by using the competitive analysis tool and also the strategies or backlinks of your competitors.

  1. MOZ:

This is the best tracker for those who do not want complications. M0Z has everything you need when it comes to SEO tools. They offer you a wide range of products that are useful because they have M0Z analysis, page classification, keyword difficulty and test analysis tools.

It allows you to track all your keywords that you select for your website or blog found in G00gle, Bing, and Yah00 and also includes all customizable email notifications.

The best thing to do with M0Z is to compare the rankings with the competitors. You can also filter your data using rankings, keyword tags, search engines and more.

You can also verify how a competitor’s thorough analysis helps you verify how domain authority, link statistics, anchor text, and title tags affect the rankings of your website.

There are many tools available to track your online rankings, but you can choose the tools that benefit you and get the correct ranking reports. There are f0ur tools that I mentioned earlier, these f0ur tools will definitely help you verify your site-specific classification.

Do not look for these free tools because no one can do his or her work for free, so stay away from these tools if you want specific information or reports on your website. There are many options available in the tools mentioned above, you can check their ratings and many other things that are useful to you.


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