What Is A Trust Fund?


When you transfer your assets, that may be personal or business, from your name to a trust fund, a trust fund is created. The fund may be created to provide financial help to a dependent like for example a granddaughter or grandson.

Trust fund so created will reduce your estate taxes and evasion of probate at death. Several trust funds go on working smoothly without any litigation charges even after the demise of the settlor but even then there are many where conflict arises and the matter is taken to the courts. If you have created a trust fund in Fort Lauderdale, make sure to set out the terms properly for the trust or else in future you may be embroiled in a trust litigation in Fort Lauderdale.

Scenarios that lead to trust litigation

There are few scenarios in which case your trust may get involved in trust litigation in Fort Lauderdale before or after your demise. Trust funds are founded and run on a certain set of terms. You need to make sure that these terms are agreed upon by everyone directly involved with the trust fund because the majority of the time trust litigations is a result of disagreement and conflict regarding such set terms.

Again when the there is an inkling of a doubt that the settlor or the creator has been coerced or has been influenced by someone to include certain terms within the trust, the issue of litigations arises. Another scenario is when there is a doubt regarding the legal backing of the settlor during the amendment of the trust fund and during the creation of the trust fund.

This may be taken to the court when claims have been made of wastage or inappropriate use of the trust fund, fraudulent behavior and embezzlement. Litigation may also arise if a conflict arises between both the trust beneficiaries; asset and income.

How to avoid embroiling into a trust litigation?

You can avoid trust litigation, if you take note of the above-mentioned causes and take right measures to make sure those scenarios never arise thus ensuring the successful working of your trust fund even after your death but if you do get yourself into a trust litigation in Fort Lauderdale, get yourself an experience litigator because experience matters in court. If your litigator stumbles and stutters in court then it will not bode well for you or your trust fund.


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