What is Domain Authority?


Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking score given by Moz that predicts how a website will rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100 and the higher will be the DA of any website and the greater will be the chances to get a good rank in Google.

You can view Domain Authority by visiting MozBar (a free Chrome extension), Open Site Explorer (link analyzing tool), the SERP Analysis part of Keyword Explorer, and lots of other SEO tools on the web.

How to Check Domain Authority?

  1. Open moz.com/researchtools/ose in your browser and you will find a page with a search bar.

Open Site Explorer

2. Enter your website URL into that search bar.

Domain Authority

Hit SEARCH and You will find a results page.

Your website DA will be seen listed underneath the (Authority) title.

New websites will have a lower DA but websites with quality backlinks, authority, content and traffic can have good DA.

Some Effective Ways to Improve Domain Authority (DA):

  • Keep website technical SEO updated.
  • Post quality fresh and unique content.
  • Add internal links wisely in content.
  • Improve website loading speed.
  • Must use social channels to go viral.
  • Expand linking website root domain.
  • Generate lots of link able content.
  • Request authors to do guest blogging.
  • Keep updating sitemap for better indexing.
  • Remove toxic and poor back links.

We hope these all ideas will help you to improve your website’s DA. If you have any other ideas to improve the DA then please leave your comments.

We can find lots of content on the web that explains how DA can be improved, but most of the content misses the main point. It is not very simple to improve the DA so you need to look for the larger picture of SEO and that is content marketing. If you focus on content marketing then you can improve DA, organic traffic, search results and keywords ranking.


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