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Face it, it's the advanced age and cyber security is an unquestionable requirement. As indicated by Hiscox Cyber-availability report, 68 percent of private companies encountered a security danger over the most recent a year. In the event that you have a WordPress site for your business, security — including Word Press + SSL — is a point you have to consider important. Why? Programmers tend to center around the most well known frameworks. That is the reason Windows gets more infections than Macs. The fame of WordPress makes it an objective — frequently by noxious programmers and spammers. In excess of 30 percent of the web is running on WordPress. What's more, late measurements demonstrate that in excess of 28 percent of site executives over the web utilize Word Press. In this way, on the off chance that you are utilizing Word Press, particularly in the event that you are doing WordPress business, you truly need to consider security. What's more, start in July 2018, Google Chrome 68 will stamp all HTTP locales as "Not Secure." Even on the off chance that you just have a straightforward blog or online pamphlet webpage, you require HTTPS to keep the Not Secure message from being shown

The Best Books Store WordPress Themes


Creating a website to sell eBooks or for a publishing house is ultimately not the most complex, especially when you have a premium theme WordPress dedicated only for this purpose. To sell eBooks it can be done directly on its own website (usually with a payment via PayPal), or on platforms such as Amazon (Kindle) or Apple's iBookStore for example. In any case, it is relatively easy to set up these different processes. In fact, the most complicated thing - besides writing the eBook - is getting to sell it. In this collection of WordPress themes, we have collected 8 themes that will not only help you to easily create your website, but some of them have modern tools that will help you promote them on the internet. BEBO BEBO is a WooCommerce theme dedicated to e-commerce and ideal for creating a bookstore's website. In fact, BEBO is well suited to the promotion and sale of any form of media, including not only ebooks, but also music, video and other digital files. But when it comes to the launch of your library site with BEBO, you will have at your disposal almost 7 home page layouts and a selection of models to choose from. Depending on the model you choose, your website might focus on promoting