10 Board Games Everyone Should Play At Least Once

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There is a huge list of great board games played across the world. However there are some that stand above the rest because they have been ruling the hearts and minds of people for a very long time.

We have listed the ten games that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

  1. Scrabble:

This game is comprised of using letter tiles to spell out words for points. Each letter has its own point value, the harder the letter is to use the higher the point value. This game is not only great fun but it also helps to improve your vocabulary skills. Scrabble is the perfect game for people who enjoy crossword puzzles and word searching games.

  1. Chess and Checkers:

Most people are familiar with either one or both of these games. Both test your intelligence and patience and are mind blowing games to play as they will show you how well you react in times of stress. Both of these are simple to learn and feature creative problem-solving strategies as main parts of the game.

  1. Monopoly:

This enduring board game involves fast dealing and trade of your assets and properties. It is a classic game of the era. In this game players have to avoid being bankrupt and build their properties and assets to be the player who lasts till the end to win the game.

  1. Ludo:

It is one of the most antique and legendary board games of the world. This game is perfect for a group of four. Ludo will test your thinking and decision making capacity to the fullest. By rolling a dice on the board you have to move your coins according to the number you got on the dice. The player who gets all of their coins to home first is declared the winner!

  1. Qwirkle:

It is mainly a board game that involves placement of tiles. Players have to match the correct colors and shapes, it’s similar to Uno. Qwirkle is comprised of recognition of patterns, basic calculation tricks, and strategies to anticipate the other player’s moves.

  1. Ticket to Ride:

This is an award-winning game where players have to collect color-coded cards for train routes and link one city to the other. The game comes up with exciting fun comparable to that of monopoly. With its basic simple rules, you will feel like you’re actually going through famous cities.

  1. Suspend:

It’s a game quite similar to Jenga. This game is great fun to play with the whole family. It combines creative problem-solving and motor skills.

  1. Uno:

This is one of the simplest board games on the list. Uno requires a special deck of both colored and action cards. The rules of UNO are quite easy. After distribution of the cards, each player will play a card turn by turn. But the succeeding player must play the card either with the same color or the same number as that of the previous card. The player calls out “Uno” when they only have a single card left in their hand. The one who runs out of the cards first wins!

  1. Go:

This is one of the oldest board games in the world. Being about 4000 years old, it has proved itself to be one of the most challenging games to master. The strange thing is that it has very simple rules and regulations which are even simpler than those of Chess. Go is particularly popular in Asian countries and has won over the hearts of millions across the globe.

  1. Battleship:

This game involves a lot of strategies and plans. It can even be played with some paper, pens, and friends. Place your battleships on either your board or a piece of paper. The locations of these battleships are not known to the foe. After this, the player bombs a single square of the opponent’s grid turn wise. The game goes on until one player finds all its battleships bombed by the enemy.

Try these games and share you experiences in the comment section below!

Author Bio:

Shawn Davison is co-owner of Level One Game Shop and Level Up Events. Level One is a small game store devoted to board, tabletop, and card games located in Kansas City’s historic City Market. Level Up Events is dedicated to creating great chances for people to get together, be social, and share their passions for gaming, culture, and more.

Shawn’s background is in business analysis and operations with Kansas City start-ups. He is a graduate from William Jewell College in Liberty, MO with degrees in Entrepreneurship & Japanese, and Critical Thought & Inquiry. He and his wife Ai happily reside in the River Market area of Kansas City, Missouri.


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