10 Unique Wedding Gifts to Give

10 Unique Wedding Gifts to Give

Best Friend’s wedding around the corner? Your mind must surely be occupied with the thought of gifting your friend something that is significant and worth giving. Selecting an ideal gift can be a pain. No matter how much you try to avoid the old tradition of giving presents to your friends, when it comes to a day as special as the wedding day, you will always feel the obligation to do it. When you put in the efforts to get the most thoughtful gift for your friend, it will never fail to leave them with a special feeling and a smile on their face. Getting a few surprise wedding gifts for your best friend can really make him feel elated. There are numerous things that you can do to make your friend feel happy and gifting something on their wedding day is just one of them.

So here are 10 unique wedding gifts that you may give:

  1. Collage Of Photos– You could gift your friend a giant size photo collage that has both of your photos together. After all you should remind him that he can’t forget you even after he is married.
  2. Anniversary Countdown Calendar– As much as important these dates are to the women, unfortunately the men care less. So if you want to save your best friend from an angry wife, gift him a customized anniversary countdown calendar that will remind him of the big day.
  3. Customized Piggy Banks– You can gift the couple two piggy banks customized and labeled ‘HIS’ and ‘HER’. Make sure that the piggy bank labeled ‘HER’ is larger in size!
  4. Couple Coffee Mugs– You can gift the newly married a couple coffee mug so that they never fail to remember you while they have their everyday morning coffee.
  5. Couple Spa Voucher– What could be better than a relaxing spa, after the big day? After all the tiredness from heavy uncomfortable outfits and long hours of wedding customs, the couple needs nothing more than a relaxing spa. It’s a promise that you will definitely be blessed by the couple.
  6. Dinner Date– Spending some alone time after being newly married is all that a couple wishes to have. If you can arrange the perfect post-wedding date for your friend, there’s no better duty you can perform.
  7. Flowers Bouquet–Flowers is the one of best gift to present at the occasion of wedding. So, go online that will help you to send flowers bouquets across the globe for instance send flowers to Pune, New York, London, Washington DC and so on in fast track.
  8. Twin Bicycle– Unique isn’t it? You can gift your friend a Twin bicycle so that they can go on a merry ride. After all it’s about spending time together. This gift is a very different one and your friend will feel lucky to have you.
  9. Wine Bottle And Wine Glass Set– Gifting a wine bottle and wine glass set is an ideal option, because there is always a reason to celebrate. Moreover, you can customize this a little so that your gift is unique, say you can gift a set of three wine bottles kept in three separate drawers, and the drawers can be marked with specific dates such as the groom’s birthday, the bride’s birthday, and their anniversary date. In this way you can also remind them of the special occasions.
  10. Guide To Their Honeymoon Destination– Last but not the least, the couple is sure to go on a honeymoon trip, so you can save them from the burden of finding out the best places to visit in their honeymoon destination.

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