20 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018


So, 2018 has started with a bang and you know what it means….it means that now it’s time to enhance your digital marketing campaign. But, do you know what all you need to add and eliminate from your old ones. Then, here we’ll talk about some of the general trends of digital marketing that are going to hit the market this year. You must be ready to expect the unexpected this year.

  1. The Usage Of Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Reach New Levels This Year

Artificial intelligence isn’t new to us and now even marketing is also utilizing the AI for promotions of different brands. Due to AI, the people would be shown ads as per their choices and the searches that they have made previously on the internet. This improves the probability of making a sale, as people are only shown the products which personally interests them.

  1. Use Of Live Video And Viewership Would Continue This Year Too

You are familiar with live videos too, but what you don’t know is that they are growing exponentially. Now, everyone is enjoying the feature of Facebook Live. You should know that not just the marketers, but also the people love to watch such videos. According to one of the Forbes article ‘Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing’ by Matt Bowman, about 80% of the web traffic would be claimed by the videos only by 2019.

  1. Mobile Video Consumption Would Grow In The Coming Days

If your digital marketing campaign and even your website aren’t optimized keeping the mobile customers in mind, then you would lag behind. Watching videos on mobile is in trend and it allows people to enjoy their time anywhere they want. Filming a live video for your customers would be a better option, as in a live video you can’t do any editing and this would let the customers trust you more.

  1. 4. User Experience Would Also become a priority

Any digital marketing campaigns’ primary aim is to allow the customers to have a good experience while availing your products and services. The customer’s experience is the only factor that decides if your digital marketing strategy is working or not. Everything from in-store customer service to your online presence sum up the whole customer experience.

  1. Role Of the Content Would Become More Crucial

Actually, content marketing isn’t a trend, but the necessity of every business and every digital marketing campaign. Without good quality content, not only your ranking, but even the number of your customers would also decrease. Content could be in any form, but you have to pay attention to all, from your Meta descriptions to the articles that you post. Now, Google has become stringent for the availability of high-quality content on the sites, as the sites which have genuine and relevant content would be ranked higher.

  1. Voice Searches Would Continue To Grow

Your customers could use voice search anywhere in laptops, phones, tablets and many more. Voice search is gaining more and more popularity day by day and even Google said that about 20% searches are voice searches. So, you should never forget to optimize for voice search too. And yes, don’t forget to include long tail keywords. It’s not hard, all you need is the right approach.

  1. The Rush Of Advertising On TV (But Not On Television)

YouTube, Amazon and even Facebook have their own TV series like Netflix and Hulu and they are the most favorable alternate TV options for the ones who don’t get time to actually watch the TV at home. These platforms provide a great way to promote your products and services.

  1. The Best Way To Reach Your Customers Is To Strategise The Social Media

With regular updates and changes in the algorithms, it is getting harder and harder to reach your potential customers, but you should fight for your social presence. 2018 is all about going strategical and actionable.

  1. Marketing To Generation Z In 2018

May be you weren’t that much into marketing to Millennials, but this year you literally have to focus more on the Generation Z. As per a recent study, about 40% of the consumers would be Gen Z by 2020, so you must develop ways to impress this highly selective and fast paced generation.

  1. Transparency Would Become The Most Crucial Element

When any customer searches for a service, then he only desires two things which are trustworthiness and transparency. All of your customers would be reading the reviews and the feedbacks and even the comments of other customers about your products and services. When people have no restriction in checking out your profile on social pages, then they would surely trust you.

  1. Building Your Brand With The Help Of People

More and more number of PR’s are searching for an in-house team to carry out the digital marketing tasks. When you can personally interact with your writer and other members and tell them what they need to do as per the requirements, then the results are always distinctive and positive. You would be creating your brand with the help of the people of your digital marketing team and also for the people, who are your customers.

  1. The Art Of Storytelling

Almost all the businesses out there are creating a lot of content on a daily basis and there is nothing new about any of the content. May be your content is a bit different, but still you can’t differentiate yourself from others in the crowd. The best way to do this through storytelling because even if we are grown ups we still love to read the stories.

  1. Be The First Mover

Stay active and never miss any new updates and news related to your products and services. This would allow you to react to the updates as soon as possible and this would give you the advantage of being the first mover.

  1. Attract Through Discounts And Contents

When customers know that they are going to win something or get any discount in return of any shopping task or quiz you conduct, then people would eagerly take part in that. The quizzes and contests that you would carry out will definitely benefit you and your sales.

  1. Create Skyscraper Blog Posts

Skyscraper content is a type of inbound marketing technique and it involves finding the topics, then researching about them on the internet and social media and at the end creating such a content which is much better and a bit longer than the existing ones. This interesting technique would definitely get you more traffic and even the SEO rules set by the Google says that longer contents usually do well.

  1. Web Site Optimization

The sites that load slow are not liked by the users and they don’t even return to the sites which are slow. So, optimize your site and make it faster. Resizing the photos, graphics and photos could be one of the ways to do this. Don’t forget to use high performance web hosts. A slow site could halt the growth of your business.

  1. Change In Collection Of Data

Now, you can’t access each and everything related to your customers just like that, you have to explain why and for what purpose your business needs the information of the customers. Under GDPR, i.e. General Data Protection Regulation you have to show a legitimate reason to access the data of your customers.

  1. Best Visibility With Native Ads

In order to gain all the attention of your potential customers, what you need is native advertising. If we talk about the most sought-after marketing methods, then it is native ads. The interruptive ads are very frustrating and users find them irrelevant. Native ads would not only blend, but they would blend in such a seamless manner that the users won’t even recognize that they are viewing an advertisement.

  1. Make Use Of Customer-Centric Content

Any new visitors would only come for navigation of your site and if the message of your brand doesn’t interest them, then they would click the back button. Instead of a very general content, use customer-centric content that can grab the attention of the customers for long and let them see how your products and services could help them.


If you ask me about a small definition about the influencers, then these are the individuals, who are deeply interested in your products and services. Although there are many ways to create a team of influencers, the basics would always remain the same.

Acknowledging the needs of all your customers is the first step and you can do that effectively through a well-thought marketing campaign. Your campaign should be such that your customers come to know how your products and services are resolving their daily life problems. Just this much and you are all set to have an entire team of influencers.

So, consider all the above given trends and build the best digital marketing strategy for your business. Just think local and digital and you’re all set to make a good start.

Author Bio

Brandon Lederer is a Marketing and Consulting specialist and currently he is running a renowned digital marketing agency ‘Spark Plug Media’ in a successful manner. He is very passionate about digital marketing and this helps him in serving all those who are in urgent need of reaching more and more potential customers, in an effective manner. Apart from learning all about marketing, he also wants the person to be aware of what all is going on in the marketing world and thus, he shares his fully fledged knowledge through blogs.


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