3 Things You Often Forget To Clean


There are so many things in your house to keep track of. Since the life is so busy, people don’t have enough time for these. But still, these things do need to be cleaned for sure. So here’re a few things that people often forget to clean. Let’s dive in


First of all, we aren’t talking about bedroom pillow here. It’s the Décor Pillow that we use to lie, site and lean on. But over time, they get dirty. Don’t believe me? Just try and fluff up one of your décor pillows and you’ll come across a plume of smoke, which is a dust. Thus, it needs to be cleaned.

Though there are many different types of décor pillow, the people mostly use the one that has a removable pillow case and a little filler pillow on the inside. You don’t need to worry about that filler pillow. So here you need to wash the pillow covers. Take out the filler pillow, check the care label and see if it’s machine washable. If it is, go ahead put in the machine. Experts recommend using gentle detergent and cold water. Once you’re done with that, just take them out and hang them to dry. Make sure you don’t put them in the dryer.

Purse or Laptop Bag

Whether a purse or a laptop bag, you’re always carrying something with you. And for all the apparent reasons, it’s got a lot of residue or dirt buildup in there like gum-wrappers, crumbs, bobby pins, etc.

Pops in an insider tip! Women! Try carrying a small purse instead of a bigger one. The Lesser Space, the Lesser the Crap.

In either case, you need to clean out the purse or your laptop bag. So how you do it?

  • Just take your purse, find a clean space and dump it out.
  • Then, start sorting through the times that you need and the ones that you don’t.
  • You’ll end up with two piles; One of the important things and the other of otherwise.
  • Things that are of no use, just throw them off. If some of them are of use but don’t belong in your purse, just put them where they belong.
  • Grab a little lint roller! Such a great thing to have. Start Lint rolling inside/around your bag. It’s an amazing way to get rid of any crumbs or some sticky stuff. And Voila! You’re done.

The Kettle

Especially the electric kettle. But with the span of time, there’s a white crusty buildup on it. For sure, it’s harmless but doesn’t look nice. So how you clean it?

  • Just fill up the kettle with plain white vinegar and boil it.
  • Once it’s boiled, dump that vinegar down the sink. Remember! It’s a great little drain cleaner as well.
  • Give the Kettle a quick rinse, and you have a beautiful shiny kettle.

These are really useful tips suggested by the top cleaning company Dubai. So just try these out in your regular cleaning routines.


Do you want to know about a few things that you often forget to clean? Just check out the article now.


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