3 Way to Make Computer Faster



When it comes to slow computer which has low RAM then the very initial step or way to make it smooth again is by Rebooting it. Rebooting the system can solve lots of issue on your computer system which making it slow. There can be many reason that can make your computer slow,  especially if you are running windows 8, 10 then it can be due to those automatically updated files which needs a proper system reboot, and if you don’t do it, then you may find it freezing and responding slow while performing tasks.

If you have low RAM and you are trying to open multiple heavy programs at the same time and executing tasks on them constantly, can create a situation of lagging and probably that effect can retain on your system until you reboot it.

Uninstall Unusable Programs

Nowadays in the era of open source when each and every single task can be done with ease using software and installing those software is not a big deal. So you might have install them for your purpose as well, this habit can lead to installation of bunch of software on your system, even if the task is very temporary and later those software programs are just useless. Some of them can also start in the background everytime when you are booting into your system. The programs which are running on the background will obviously absorb the RAM and make your system slow.

So, the second best tip through which you can make your system to little bit faster to much faster, is by uninstalling those unwanted and unusable software programs. And if you are used to installing software time to time, then seriously you are gonna see a big difference on your computer performace.

Running an Antivirus Checkup

Not only the programs that you have installed, but the malicious files in your system can consume such a big amount of RAM of your system. Those malicious files are usually known by the term known as Virus. That can come through some open source software which you can installed earlier, and even if you find out those files you can’t delete them. So in such case, there are lots of good Antivirus software which can be used to scan your whole system and identify the location of virus and even the programs which are consuming the biggest amount of space on HDD and RAM as well. Once those programs and files are identified, you can easily delete them and make your RAM free of those bad sources. But remember, you can not delete those malicious files just like that, because they are encoded in hard way so the usual deleting command can’t actually delete them and in such cased using an Antivirus software is must, which has such ability to remove/delete those virus from your system.

These are the three ways which everyone can use to make their computer/laptop run faster. Not with just intension to make your computer faster, but to keep your computer system in good health, you can follow the above 3 steps once in a while.


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