5 Amazing Things To Enjoy For Free In Zurich With A EU Passport


Eclectic designer boutiques, authentic fine-dining restaurants and classy shops with a fee that can easily tear your eyes, having your wallet empty in Zurich isn’t a surprise. Still, there’s much here to enjoy either for free or a fee that’s light as a feather. If Zurich is your dream destination in Switzerland during summer holidays, here’s how to make the most of the city without drying your pocketbook.

  1. Amazing vistas

If you’re in for some amazing views that cost nothing, Zurich promises three lookouts where you should always have the cameras at the ready. First is the panoramic terrace right in front of the Federal Institute of Technology known as The Polyterrasse! Stand here and gaze out to the hills surrounding the peaceful city with it skewed slates and spires of the Old Town. Then there’re more stunning views across the blue Lake Zurich with twisted narrow passageways winding up to the Lindenhof; an ancient Roman fort.

  1. Revitalise in the gardens & parks

Zurich is known for spectacular parks and gardens that you can visit for absolutely free. The lush and leafy Rieterpark with its pruned lawns and tall beech trees release the aura of elite class from the 19th century with neo-classical villa from the 1857 taking most of the charm. It has now been restored as Museum Rietberg with free access for bearers of the Zurich Card as well as a valid EU passport. The fine meadows, elaborated ponds and vibrant flower beds of the Belvoir Park turns the place into a green and most impressive space with plenty of secluded spots to revitalise.

  1. A close look at the FCZ museum

For all those who dig into sports than science should definitely check the FCZ Museum which is entirely dedicated to the FC Zurich. There’re around seven themed zones with which you can trace the football club history ever since the 1896. The place also gives you ultimate chance to explore best and worst aspects of the previous games with latest development or revival of football in the country. History is clearly illustrated in short films, documentaries, photographic collection, trophies and several collectibles.

  1. Museums of University of Zurich

From stuffed sloths to giant woolly mammoths, dinosaur skeletons and infinite breed of insects, welcome to the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich. Here, you’ll be surrounded by more or less 1,500 animals sharing the exhibits which allow visitors to hear the whales sing or look closely to the many insects with a magnifying glass. The in-house cinemas premiere free nature movies and films twice a day.

  1. The best artwork of Zurich for absolutely nothing

Though tricky, appreciating artwork of Zurich for absolutely free isn’t entirely impossible and the experience of it is all charming. The two primary art galleries of the city are open for free on specific days so better ask before visiting. Visitors can closely eye the spending works by Manet, Giacometti and the Rembrandt for absolutely free on Wednesdays.


Get the best out of your EU passport by visiting Zurich in Switzerland.


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