5 Mistakes that can Cause Damage to your Vehicle


Every car owner wants his vehicle to last as long as possible. But you know what? Most of us make a few blunders while driving that causes not only damage to the car, but also risks lives. In that case, we’ve managed to highlight some of the points that you must check out to avoid causing damage to your car. So let’s dive in;

Applying Brakes down the Long Hill

Did you know, the brake pads are more likely to wear faster in when they heat up? But when you apply brakes while riding down the hill, it’ll get super-hot that will eventually wear it comparatively faster. So what’s the alternative yet the best method to the longevity of your brake pads? Just try alternative between the braking and letting it off.

Using Pressure Washer on the Engine

Pressure washers are extremely effective when it comes to cleaning the grime off the concrete driveway. But for obvious reasons, you must avoid using it on the car engine. As we all know, engine happens to be the most important yet complex component having all sorts of small wires and sensors. Perhaps that’s the reason why it needs to be highly taken care of when it’s about applying water pressure on it.

The high powered jet of water will dislodge all the electrical bits, hoses and rubber seals right away, which may get you into a bigger expense to have this all fixed.

Procrastinating the Regular Oil Change

Car owners are really unfair with their vehicle when they do this. In fact, leaving oil change until the old lubricant turns into sludgy black molasses is as good as waiting for a dead body to turn into a mummy. Sorry, Bad One! Precisely, change your oil as often as your car manual suggests and have it changed on the regular basis.

Avoiding Parking Brake

Whether you park at some inclined surface like Hill or maybe a flat ground, you got to the parking brake. There’s more to it when just wondering about the safety. When you use the park brakes, it takes the strain off your transmission, which is not designed to do that. Moreover, it will add life to your car as you’re using right thing for the right purpose.

 Ignoring Sounds

You can figure out what’s wrong with the car if you listen to it carefully. If it’s that squeaky sound while open the passenger door, it’s time to oil the door hinges. If you hear the thumping sound, it indicates that loose exhaust pipe. And there are many other sounds that indicate many problems if your car may have any. In case of such problems, make sure to take your car to the Range Rover Service Dubai to get these things fixed.


Do you want to learn about top 5 mistakes that can damage your vehicle? Every car owner should know this. Just check out the article now.


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