5 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Autonomy


Developing the autonomy of the child is fundamental so that it can achieve its independence.

With that in mind, one of the best nursery in Abu Dhabi have developed this text with 5 tips that will help you develop this important quality in your child. Come on!

1- Respect your children’s opinions

Autonomy at home promotes the autonomy of children among friends. Children should have a place in the relationship and dialogue with their parents, to give their opinion, to express their lack of agreement, their denial of any situation. Children need to learn to defend themselves and their parents’ support. Do not prevent your child from saying what he thinks or argues. It is important that you listen to him.

2- Encourage your child to play with other children

The child, who had been very self-centered up until then, begins to open up little by little to the world. Discover life outside the home and your imagination is enriched by the most varied models. He also learns that there are other children, approaches them and wants to play.

Her universe widens and captivates her more and more. She is no longer interested only in herself and in her personal relationship with objects, but begins to integrate other children into her playful activity, to seek to participate, to dialogue with them.

Before the age of three the child knows how to show preference for a colleague who can become his best friend. These early childhood friendships are intense and often lasting.

3- Help him learn from his family

At home, the family can complement and reinforce the activities that are being done at school. One suggestion is to talk to the child about their childhood time (jokes, rides, songs they used to sing, fun family stories), so she knows her life story. Another interesting suggestion is to leave from time to time, that the child help to decide on some matter that involves the family, such as taking a walk on Sunday, what color of clothes to wear, lunch menu suggestion, among others, this participation reinforces family ties and the notion of responsibility.

4- Encourage the autonomy of the child

Encouraging the child’s autonomy at an early age is a very legal action, as long as it represents no danger. An interesting tip is to let the child do what she can do on her own: feeding herself, rearranging toys, combing her hair, brushing her teeth, and other tasks. Although it is sometimes more practical for adults to do it, autonomy is an important achievement for the child.

5. Assign responsibilities to him

It is important to let the child take care of some simple task in the house and thus learn to take responsibility. For example: putting toys together before bedtime. This moment is an opportunity to give the child the name of the colors: “Where will you keep the red ball”? And make comparisons: “See if it’s not better to put the smaller cart in that blue box.” Also note the quantity: “There are two toys left over there”.


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