6 Design Ideas For A Minimalist Home


A minimalist style sports a serene and uncluttered but at the same time remains homely and comfortable to the core. Minimalism highlights simple decors and functionality, but that does not mean that it has to be cold and sterile. It’s the art of achieving better design through simplicity, which will exude warmth and beauty. However, most people make their place just plain and boring while trying to be minimalist. Check out these six design ideas that will help you to keep the balance of the main design ingredients for making the right minimal mix.

 A Focal Point that Stands out

 Minimalistic does not mean monastic. So, you have every right to be lavish but without being extravagant. Bring an item into your interiors, which is high-quality, beautiful, and can stand on its own without being overpowering.

It can be a beautiful wall with gold leaf treatments, oversized stainless steel closets, or a fireplace surrounded with Van Gogh granite reminding everyone of the colors of the artist’s paintings. The plus point of such a focal point is that you don’t need to complement it with any extra items as it is stunning on its own right.

Switch to Pot Lights

LED pot lights go very well with the concept of minimalist style as they take small space and therefore look unobtrusive in a place. Minimalism emphasizes on ‘less is more’ and achieves that impact through careful editing and restraint. So, it’s time for you to throw away those massive chandeliers and unnecessary strips of wall mounted lights and switch to pot lights.http://modelhomemakeover.ca/ offers a variety of family room renovation ideas if you want to check them out.

These lights are stylish, and they are available for every room in your home – bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and landings. They are useful for quirky places such as attic or basement and can lighten up the interiors of dark and dingy closets.

Use an Accent Piece

Many people make the mistake of stripping their home of the bare necessities and thereby making the place rather dull. If your design sense is not good, it’s actually difficult to achieve the minimalist look without making it appear uninteresting. An accent piece can save you in those situations.

It could be a visually attractive table, a suspension lamp, a sculpted piece of furniture, or a chair. It brings color, patterns, and sometimes visual depth to a room where the other furnishings and color palette is neutral.

Furniture with Clean Lines

 ‘Less is more’ does not mean that you have to use single pieces of small-size furniture. Items with streamlined structure and clean lines won’t look cramped even if it’s a small room. In fact, such a furnishings will keep the lace more open and airy and bring a feeling of serenity.

Besides, you can gather together a couple of items if they are pure and straightforward in design. For example, stacking multiple chairs around a dining table won’t look cluttery if they sport a minimal design. Instead, their clean and matching design will create an almost sculptural feel.

Choose a Soft Palette

 A soft palette is warm and inviting that coupled with clean-lined furnishings reflects the true spirit of a minimalist style. You can add one or two accent pieces but remember that too many patterns and bold colors can ruin the calm and peaceful spirit of a place.

A soft color palette paired up with warm and inviting textures of textiles and furnishings will look harmonious in an interior. The safe bet is to stick to neutral colors and those that show up in nature for a smooth, sophisticated space.

Give Furniture Breathing Space

Although you can stack together multiple furniture pieces if they sport matching design, you should allow adequate space around single furniture pieces. Giving them enough breathing room will highlight the furniture even more and make a room feel totally uncluttered.

These ideas will help opening up more space in your home and transform it into an incredible clutter-free living place. The minimalist style will make the place more relaxing while will teach you at the same time how to live in style by using less.


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