6 Tips To Become A Better Table Tennis Player


Hi Friends I have written these Ping Pong Paddle tips, you can follow it and improve your game, keep reading this article till end and you would love it.

Learn the basic notions

For beginners and mid-level players: You can often defeat your opponent only by understanding the basics of table tennis. Most of those who play with pleasure are not aware of the appropriate socket, the elementary leg play, or the spin effect of the blade. You can turn these weak points into strengths and you can easily defeat your opponent. They will not realize how I win, they will just become accustomed to the feeling of defeat!

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Understands and uses centrifugation

This is often a weakness for players in all skill levels in table tennis. Understanding it can help not only to counteract your opponent’s spin but also to use it to win points or build you’re next shot.

Shorten your balance

This is especially important for those who play other sports such as baseball, golf or softball. These sports usually encourage a much longer balance that would be suitable for table tennis. A longer balance gives you greater error margin and slower response time due to the prolonged time it takes to bring your arm and body back into position. Table tennis is best played with a compact balance on both phases – forehand and backhand – limiting the pursuit of the ball for the most blows but reserving a longer balance for the offensive or topspin strikes. Slowing the balance will also increase the accuracy of the stroke and help you be more precise with the placement.

Keep your cool

Many times, beginners try to hit the ball decisively in any situation, kicking in the net or off the table and losing the point. The key to table tennis is the right choice for the ball to attack. If you look at a professional match, you will notice that players often hit the ball slightly back and forth after serving. The reason behind this is because the balls are short and low to the net, with strong rotation – making them weak candidates for offensive strikes. However, the ball usually loses the spinning effect after several weak strokes. Expect your opponent to touch back just a little too tall and/or long – then attack that ball to win the point easily! Sometimes it’s better to let your opponent lose the point that you try to win.

Use the appropriate equipment

Easy to say for a company that sells table tennis equipment, is not it? But honestly, nothing is truer. You will see an instant improvement when switching from the classic tennis table or inexpensive rubber blades to a high quality, high-performance rubber blade. Cheap things offer little power and virtually no spinning effect. If your opponent uses quality equipment, you will have great trouble fighting these items with a poor quality palette. On the other hand, if you have a playable equipment against someone with cheap things, you will prove too strong and you will have the ability to produce a spinning effect that he will not be able to counteract.

Overcome your limits

It’s a good feeling to be a champion in your family, your friends or your community. If that’s you, then you know the warm and comfortable feeling we’re talking about. It’s hard to get the worst, starting from the best on the scoreboard but it’s really the only way to improve your skills. Find a local table tennis table and challenge the best players. You will learn more in a week against them than in a year with your friends.


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