6 Types of Exhibition Stands to Enhance Your Event’s Cool Factor


Gone are the days of the unenticing shell-scheme setups and the tedious table tops in case of exhibitions. The latest trends call for the cool and the dynamic. For your exhibition you must look for designs that play a significant role in bringing together your brand and the target consumers.

Exhibitions are highly competitive environments that flaunt creativity. This goes without saying that it has to be cool and quirky with solid content as the backbone.

That is why here are some of the amazing big and small ideas for exhibition stands which will be able to take your exhibition to a whole new level as well as some key tips about how you can make the most out of them.

  • Cinematic Stands – You can opt for content in the form of videos for your exhibition and for that you can include scenography cones. You can use cone shaped screens to make the attendees get immersed in the video experience standing on platforms that are a bit slanting. Put the floor signage in use for defining each experience. These are insanely futuristic and can draw the interests of the attendees to a great extent.
  • A Living Space – To bring comfort to the attendees you can create an atmosphere of the home living areas. This will put them at ease when you are showcasing the products. This concept actually lets the attendees imagine the brand in their home and at the same time watch the products in action. With the help of this type of realistic experiences you can also recreate booths and these also have a great appeal for the attendees.
  • Place for the Fashionistas – Indulgent stations are one of the most popular event trends for amalgamation into the event booth. These are perfect for the trade show sponsorships and brand collaborations. Not only that, these also help to draw the crowds for sign-ups and consultations. Naturally, these have become the basic imperatives for workshops and also the product launches and demos.
  • Brand Box – You can definitely create a lasting impression in a cool way for your brand by creating this type of a stand. The best part is that such a thing doesn’t get easily diluted from the minds of people. You can create an exclusiveness with the help of such a stand. This will titillate the curious minds and force them to find out what’s inside. You don’t have to use multi-colours for this. You can use the major brand colours and concepts of the products and this will clearly stand out. The interior should be lit powerfully and make the attendees wear headphones for a whole new experience.
  • Modular that Sustains – What makes the exhibition stand out is that it facilitates to be done and undone differently. This way you can create unique designs to suit the mind-set of the target demographics and attendees. It has got all the credentials to be noticed with protruding shapes and 3D walls. This can further enhance the awesome sustainability of the stand.
  • Jellyfish Type Displays – These are something that must be pretty cool. You can install stands that are inspired by jellyfish and can definitely make an impact with theses creations that resemble a mini pavilion. These are transitory fixtures and are pretty uncomplicated to recreate. You can also mystic air to the shrouded portion with these.

Apart from the stands you can also install innovative pieces of furniture that you can get with the help of the exhibition furniture hire in London without making a dent in your pocket. The stand together with the right décor is sure to make heads turn and a long-lasting impact on your target audience. So try these today to make your exhibition a grand success.


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