7 Mistakes That Will Make People Unfollow You on Instagram


People invest a lot of time on social media these days and once they reach a certain amount of followers they are sure to become the next internet sensation. While it’s not tough to get people to follow you, it is quite a task maintaining those followers so that they don’t unfollow you. The first thing people want to know is who unfollowed me on Instagram and why. If you’re wondering why people have been unfollowing you then here are 7 mistakes that you’re probably making that’s costing you those hard earned fans on Instagram.

#1 Lack Of Engagement

One of the main reasons people follow you on Instagram or any other social networking platform is so that they can see what you’re up to. The minute they find there’s been no activity from you for a while or there’s very little engagement, they lose interest and unfollow you. People usually clean up their social media accounts regularly and if you’re not keeping them interested they will hit the unfollow button and you will lose a follower. Make sure you stay active on Instagram daily so people don’t forget you. People follow a lot of people on Instagram so not posting for a while might make them forget about your existence.

#2 Emotional Posts

Yes, emotional posts could get you into trouble. While sharing a post or two about an injured animal or a touching story is fine, posting these regularly could make your fans unfollow you. People like to see happy things and positive pictures and videos. If you’re going through a tough time or a break up, it’s best to zip it and not share those posts with the world. No one likes someone who keeps looking for sympathy. Your main aim should be to bring a smile to people’s face rather than make them feel bad.

#3 Aiming For Compliments

Don’t expect people to compliment you on your Instagram page. That’s just sad and it seems needy. If you’ve got a huge fan base, stay happy with it and share regularly without expecting people to comment on every share. People aren’t always free and they prefer to hit the heart to show they appreciate the picture or video you’ve shared.

#4 Over Sharing Posts

While it’s not good to be inactive for long, sharing too many pictures at once is also a big NO NO. People like to see you, but too much of you can overwhelm them and this could make them unfollow you. The reason people follow multiple people on Instagram is so that they see different things on the page. If you keep posting too much they won’t like it and they will unfollow you. Ideally you should share 2 to 3 times a day.

#5 Poor Picture Or Video Quality

The reason people follow you is so that they can take a look at the pictures and videos you share. If you have a smartphone that clicks bad quality pictures then you might want to consider another method of clicking these pictures if you want your fans to stay glued to your page. The last thing anyone wants is to try and figure out what’s going on in the picture. If you keep sharing bad quality images you can expect your followers to leave.

#6 Gross Pictures Or Videos

NO one likes to see bad stuff. Disgusting content is seldom appreciated and while gross texts are still tolerable, images and videos not so much. If you plan on keeping your followers and if you want the numbers to increase and not decrease, make sure you post stuff that makes people want to look at it and not away from it.

#7 Inconsistent Posting

One of the major reasons why people unfollow your Instagram page is because you haven’t posted consistently. Don’t stay active only on weekends and then go inactive during the week. This makes people lose interest in your page and unfollow you.

Remember, the key to keeping your followers hooked on to your page requires a little experimentation, regular sharing and positive notes. You should also make sure you don’t change your display picture too often. This could make people wonder who you are and unfollow you because of that.


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