8 Corporate Gifting Ideas for Every Business Space


Working in a corporate sector or being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities. Business partners, employees, seniors in the organizations, clients etc often have to keep each other happy by expressing their gratitude in form of gifting tokens and essential items. Corporate gifts are something that every operational business gives a serious thought to.

If you are looking for smart business-purpose gift items, then read the following list.

  1. Gilded Pen and Pen Stand

A pen and a pen stand is most functional gift for business purpose. There are several varieties of pens to choose from- 3D, multipurpose (contains pen-knife, bottle opener, flash drive, laser beam ejector, etc.), of different inks etc. Gilded pens are most preferable as they exude classiness. You can even get varieties in pen stand- come with digital clocks, reminder setters, space to store paper memos etc.

  1. Designer Key Rings

Most businesspersons own a vehicle and hold important keys to the department, thus gifting them a designer keychain is wise. These key rings are handy and spell out your care for the gift receiver. You can get the key rings printed with company logo or print on two to three words appreciation for the business partner or employee.

  1. Floral Bouquets for Special Occasions

On special occasions and events, you can gift floral bouquets to clients, HOD, CEO and relevant others. Floral arrangements are symbol of freshness, a new start, and inspiration. You can surprise your colleagues with a loving gift and send flowers over to their desk, subtly reminding that they are valued in the organization. You can also order flowers online at https://www.aryanflorist.com

  1. Stainless Thermos and Mug Gift Set

A set of thermos flasks and coffee-mugs are utility gifts to any businessperson. These are easy to carry and ultimately necessary at workplace. Be it a hot coffee or ice tea that someone wants to sip, thermos and flasks just keep the beverages the way they ought to be like. You can customize the coffee mug for the person. Photo collage coffee mugs are the best in bargain.

  1. Leather Journals

Polished leather journals with engravings of the person’s name on it are often chosen as corporate gifts. Journals may seem unnecessary at the time of digital age, yet it is indispensible. To note down important tid-bits, writing out thoughts and business proposals, you do need a journal since accessing soft copy of files is not always possible. Leather journals are definite gift items that work for entrepreneurs and employees.

  1. Plant Terrarium

To break the boring appearance of office desk, gift the employee or client a plant terrarium. These refresh the atmosphere and act as bliss gardens, consuming very less space. Or you can even order small flower plants and flowers from florists in India, and add these items as decoration at the desk side. Plant terrariums are small and come on round pedestal stands and these are something people always fancy.

  1. Office-going Briefcase

A portable and easily slung or hand-held briefcase is a thoughtful gift to a businessperson and office-going individual. One can carry all the essentials he/she needs in this briefcase. Since corporate briefcases are expensive than many other business purpose gift items, you can look for bulk-purchase that carries a discount.

  1. Personalized Paperweight

With flash memory drives reducing the paperwork, the amount of documents piled on desk obviously has reduced, but not completely forgone. Thus, paperweights are still important to keep those papers from taking wings! Get an award-recognition paperweight for your employee or appraisal-remark paperweight for the client or you can consider other varieties such as gold encrusted, crystal, geometric pattern paperweights etc.

If you are looking for affordable or luxurious gift options for corporate gifting, then the above-mentioned ideas will suffice. These items are available in all price ranges and vary from simple ,classic, to elite, whichever suits your choice.


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