8 Tips for First Time Travelers


Vacation season is here! For sure we are all tired of the hassle and bustle of our busy lives. As much as we just want to rest in our Pampanga house and lot you feel like you want to do other things, more than a staycation. You want to sail your boat and walk your feet on different grounds. You want to travel.

So, what should any first-time travelers remember? Or maybe you have been traveling for a while and feel like you still need to know some things about going on trips. This short and sweet article is right for you:

Ready your travel documents

Whether you are going to travel local or international, you should have your travel documents ready. If you are going to board a plane, you should not miss your passport and visa (if necessary), plane tickets and boarding pass, and of course, valid IDs. Even if you are going to ride just bus or RORO, aside from the cards and pass, you should always have valid IDs on hand.

It would be better if you carry a small envelope, pouch or bag in which you can put all of your travel documents and necessary files. You will not have a hard time getting your important files and documents from different pockets since they are stored in one place alone.

Budget your money wisely

Others say you only travel a few times so you should not hesitate to spend. If you would like to experience certain adventure rides, go to parks, visit different landmarks – swipe your card or use your cash. You only live once or YOLO! This may be true to some extent, but we should not disregard the importance of proper and wise allotment of budget primarily if you are working on a certain amount of money.

Get the necessary details about the place you are going to visit – the cost of living, where to find cheap yet delicious food and other products, the usual price for certain rides and entrance fees, etc. By doing this, you have a particular idea on how much you should prepare and know if they are already giving you overpriced goods or services.

Prepare your itinerary

If you want to have your budget prepared, it would be a great help if you also think of your itinerary. Familiarize yourself with the attractions in the place that you are about to visit, famous or not as long as it interests you and you believe it is worth going to. List them down and know if they have specific schedules and fees required.

However, you should keep in mind that no matter how you carefully plan things out there will always be some surprises and changes. I believe it is not bad for it will also test your adaptability to change, so keep on having fun!

Travel light

I cannot overemphasize the importance of traveling lightly. Some may argue that how in the world would they travel light if they are going for a long time. The answer is easy yet can be tricky – pack only what you need. Also, if it is possible, you may wash clothes on wherever you are staying at. You might think that it is better to overpack or bring your clothes and other stuff instead of not having anything. As it may sound logical, it is more of an excuse on why you are not traveling lightly.

Keep in mind how long you are going to travel or stay in a place, familiarize yourself with the itinerary and activities if you should bring extra clothes or other essential things. Bring an extra pair or two, then that’s it. Don’t forget your meds, hygiene kit, towels and much needed (not just wanted) clothes and footwears.

Get a good song playlist

I won’t lie – traveling and going on a long trip can actually get boring at some point and what can save you and your company is a good song playlist. You may start with the new songs then talk about the famous jams back on the 90s or your favorite times. Music has an extraordinary power on people. It may not speak to us, but it connects souls on a deeper level.

Even if you are traveling alone, play music if you don’t want to get annoyed by the noise of the traffic or endless chatting of strangers. Well, it depends on one’s mood if you’re going to listen to some songs or the nature’s whisper, or basically others’ voices.

Enjoy the company of your friends or yourself

Whether you are traveling alone, with special someone, family, or group of friends or relatives, always make the most of your trip. Enjoy each other’s company! Go on adventures and make new memories with your loved ones. Like what they say, you cannot have a take two on this type of events in your lives. You have to seize it.

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. In fact, it can mean that you are strong enough to carry and entertain yourself on which others find that one needs a company to have fun. Grab this opportunity to get to know yourself better. Trust me, it is worth it.

Disconnect in order to reconnect

We have been very much preoccupied with our studies, work and other affiliations. We are often connected with our gadgets – laptops, phones, tablets and other materials that we need to “function.” But at least on your travel, you should exert an effort to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself, your roots as a person. What actually makes you breathe, alive and happy.

Do away with the use of your phones and capture memories with your memories (but of course, you may take some pictures). Talk to your friends and colleagues, listen to the music of nature, observe how the world spins and what is about to happen. Just enjoy the moment without any of your gadgets, or at the very least use less of such. You won’t die if you don’t use your phone for a day or more, or not connected to WiFi.

Be ready for changes and surprises

Lastly, buckle yourself with a roller coaster ride! You may prepare yourself with the stuff you need to bring, the budget, and whatnot, but not so much with whatever will come your way when you are already there. All you have to do is have fun and be ready, or alert in a certain sense, but do not restrict yourself. It is possible to go with the flow and at the same time being careful.

There you go! Also, don’t forget to create a checklist whether you have accomplished something, packed it in your bags, etc. Always remember to carry it with you. Just a last tip: enjoy and live life to the fullest!


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