Basic SEO Tools For Off Page Optimization

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SEO is a vastly growing field that has captured the attention of many. Even so, there are different ideas on what SEO best practices are, but the gives a splendid guide on everything you need to monitor, automate and report on your keyword rankings for better results in SERP.

SEO is a double-faceted field that calls for optimization both on-page and off-page to realize the best results. While most of the SEO best practices can manually be done, off-page optimization is an area of focus that requires reinforcement from a couple of tools, some of which are enlisted below:

Open Site Explorer

Backlinks are an important part of SEO that can benefit your website for both high ranking and reputation building. The Open Site Explorer is a basic back-link exploring SEO tool. It crawls the web and keeps an extensive index of backlink data, which allows you to source out for links from reputable sites.

Use this tool to check for popular sites that are ranking for the right reasons, analyzing their link-building techniques and how best you can configure your site for high-quality links. Agreeably, this is the perfect tool for competitive website analysis and research.

Check my links

This is a free SEO tool whose main role is to check the links on a site to spot broken links. Broken links result in 404-page errors that affect the user experience of your site.

As it can be tedious to manually analyze all the content on your website to which you have links, this tool analyses links you have used on your web pages and alerts you for every missing and broken link. This way, if you previously linked to a piece of content that has since been brought down, you can change or update these links.

Social Mention

This is one of the best off-page SEO tools that are responsible for social listening on social media. Social listening allows you to provide just the right content that users are searching for by closely following what they are interested in.

This tool checks for social media activities of people and analyses data in the different social media platforms.

SERPs Rank Checker

This tool analyzes the performance of your site on search engines in terms of how they see your site. It generates analytical reports on how well your site is indexed by site engines, pointing out areas you can configure to better your results.

The SERPs Rank Checker is responsible for competitor analysis, meaning that you can analyze the performance of your site in relation to that of your competitors, picking out what to copy from them and loopholes to capitalize on.


Social media is a big part of off-page SEO. Buffer is an SEO tool that helps you manage your social media activities from one place, allowing you to create and schedule posts for the different social media platforms.

This tool automatically posts content for you as per your customization, ensuring that you are posting content at the time that your audience is most likely to be online.


This is an SEO tool in the sense that provides you with an avenue for sharing your content with a bigger audience. It is a bookmarking site where users turn to, finding good reads within their industries of interest.

This tool allows you to widely share your content with a much bigger audience letting you create more social networks, all of which will count for your ranking on search engines.


This is a premium SEO tool that takes care of social media management and link-building. This toll conveniently allows you to manage your personal relationships online, creating and building networks worthy of quality linking.

Overall, there are many SEO tools on the market that could befit your off-page website optimization, but with this list, you can very well get the best results from your off-page SEO efforts.



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