Some Myths on Grabbing the Best Flight Deals from USA to India


People who like traveling would know the importance of getting the best airline or flight deals. The travel freaks would do anything to get the discounts on their air tickets. So, here are some myths that won’t buy you a cheap airline tickets from USA to India. If you are a frequent travel then you must clear these myths and work along on the facts instead. Follow us through till the end of the post.

If you like traveling then this post is going to be very useful to you, in a way, making you known about some facts about the airlines. Hopefully you like our formulation of these myths and their myth busters.

The best day for booking is Tuesday!

One of the greatest misconception is about grabbing the best airline deals on Tuesday. But here is the myth buster, almost all the airlines make many adjustment in fares throughout the day, there is no day in particular to grab the best deals. Flash fares are always available but there is no magical date or day for this. Also, one fact remains the same i.e. the earlier you buy the cheaper it would be.

No Refunding if the Ticket Fare Drops! 

Well to this myth, buster is that there are certain websites which will help you in keeping the online track for the ticket fares. So, you will surely get notified and then you can request the refund in case the ticket price drops.

Grabbing the Cheapest Deals Through Websites!

This myth can be considered true if and only if the website is showing the flash fares. Reality is, the fares get updated many times throughout the day, it is not possible for a website to keep the track or scan all the fare updation exactly on time so, this myth also get busted here. FYI: there is only one airline- Southwest and Allegiant, which sells air tickets on only their website.

Better Deals means Booking Ticket the Very Last Minute!

The other big misconception on getting the best deals is the last minute flight deals. Well, it might be true in case you are lucky enough to grab it, but generally the thumb-rule is the myth buster i.e. -the earlier you buy the cheaper the ticket fare would be. FYI: You can also go through the fare sale which happens weekly to intrigue your interests.

You can Upgrade Your Air-ticket to the first class at Nominal-Fee! 

It is true that sometimes airlines do offer their passengers a chance to upgrade their air ticket at the time of airport check-in but that is not available for that nominal fee, you are supposed to pay more depending upon the distance of the flight.

There are Special Airfares for Family Emergencies 

Well, some of the big airlines have different policies or special fare offerings for such emergency and being flexible according to the need of the passenger but considering the case of low-cost airlines, they doesn’t offers any special deal like this.

This post consists some myths and their countering myth-busters. We hope that you like our efforts of putting these together in a post.


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